Ghost inputs on FP4

I have exactly the same pattern of ghost inputs, I also enabled debug tracing, and it happens several times a day.

Did you figure out a solution?

Sent in my Fairphone 4 after experiencing 2-5 times a day the glitch. Have not experienced any glitches the past three weeks.

I definitively have this issue, many times a day, and it’s really annoying.
It can generate unintentional inputs, validations…
I suspected my protective screen, so I put it off, without improvement, this behaviour is still there.
Glad to discover that I’m not the only one having this issue.

I got my phone back and i must say it was very quickly. The issue has not appeared, but it never did right away with a new screen. Lets hope its fixed.
I also contacted customer support for a refund on the replacement screen i bought and also has the issue. No reaction on that till now.

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I had this issue of the ghost inputs and reseating the connector for the screen seems to have resolved the issue for now.

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Short update:
Replaced my Screen two week ago and no ghost inputs on my phone. Still notice (but didn’t mentioned here by myself) a dimmering effect on my screen, which is already discussed in another topic and sometimes getting lags and low fps with the camera when going on ~ 0,6 zoom/widescreen.

i still don’t recommend, that everyone should replace it but if Support doesn’t seem to help you and the tape trick from @facetto is also not improving it can be worth trying.

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Reaction from support on my question for a refund on the second screen i ordered myself but also has ghost touches was that a refund can only be claimed within 14 days after purchase.
So i am now going to try and get the screen swapped for a new screen that than hopefully not has ghost touches.

I solved the problem by disconnecting the display plug, blowing in the contacts and put it back together. No issues since two weeks. Thanks for the solution in this thread!


I had contact with support about the ghost inputs which I have for a long time
They sent me this:

The repair centre has updated its handling procedure, and the results are positive. They test the device, change the display and update the software, all under warranty. The repair process usually takes between 7-10 days which includes shipping time.

So they now know what to do but I will have no phone which is not really an option
I asked them for a replacement phone.
Up till now no answer.
To be continued

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I also noticed that.

For the record: Same issue here.
It’s been there for a while. Sometimes it happens every few minutes, sometimes it doesn’t happen for days.

I noticed, that I can trigger the effect if I squeeze the sides of my phone or gently twist it around it’s longitudinal axis.
I have not yet contacted support as I don’t really want to send my phone in or have it factory reset (so much annoying work setting every thing up again) and it’s not as bad yet. The phone is still usable for the most part.

I will attempt to implement the suggested fix of @Hans_de_Vries tomorrow when I’m in the office. Let’s see what I can loot from our lab stock :wink:

@Hans_de_Vries: How much padding (in mm) did you add?

Being an electrical engineer, I noticed one thing when browsing through the thread:
Please do not use scotch tape/Tesa Film inside an electronic device!
These tapes can generate very high static voltages which can discharge into sensitive components inside your phone when sticking it on (electrostatic discharge (ESD)). Worst case, this can destroy your phone. Anti static tape / ESD tape should be used to avoid this!


I just removed my display and noticed that only 2 out of the 8 screws had Loctite (blue “glue” that prevents screws from coming lose) on them. Some of the screws were lose and even partially out. Probably due to vibrations (and the missing Loctite).
I suppose this has caused the pressure on the connector to decrease.

Has anyone of you observed something similar during disassembly?

I will for now not add extra padding on top of the display connector and just reassemble with Loctite on all screws. I’ll let you know about the result.


After tightening the screws, I cannot trigger ghost inputs anymore by mechanically stressing the phone (squeezing, twisting, knocking on the back) which previously always caused ghost inputs. Seems like this could have fixed the issue for me. We’ll see.

Everybody with this issue, please check whether your display screws are lose.
(image source: Fairphone 4 Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide)


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this solution also worked quite well for me. I tightened the screws and then everything was good. And that was a few months ago. Until today, no problems.

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When I disassembled mine, all eight of the screws were tight and resistant until the tell-tale ‘click’ when the loctite adhesion gets broken.

I have not, however, re-experienced the issue since I replaced the foam pad that holds the connector with a thicker rubber one.

@Yasen_Tomov , @Dajo , lets pull the ghost touch discussion here, maybe not a good idea of me to hijack the “random dimming” thread

Hi everyone. I had ghost touches that began a couple of months after I bought the device and got gradually worse. Eventually I found this thread and contacted Fairphone support about the issue.

To be honest, it wasn’t a very impressive experience - they wouldn’t give me any information about the ghost touch problem or acknowledge that it was a significant issue. After making me jump through a few hoops, they offered to repair the phone at their service centre in France. They would only use UPS shipping, and they made me drive half an hour to drop it off at a UPS service point because they refused to pay for a pick-up. In general there wasn’t much goodwill on their side, considering they’d recently charged me nearly £600 for a defective phone.

Anyway, I spent ten days without a phone, but the good news is that I’ve had the phone back for several weeks now and the repair seems to have worked. The repair docket says that they replaced the display and installed a preventive software update.

So yes, going through the support process is time-consuming and inconvenient, but it does appear to have solved the problem. I’m mainly just a bit disappointed that Fairphone haven’t been more honest and transparent about the issue – but they’re a small company trying to do a good thing, and I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The customer service person I spoke to did say that they’re working to improve their repairs process, and to be fair, most of the delay was in the shipping time (I’m in the UK, which of course now means the phone has to get through customs). The actual repair centre completed the repair within 24 hours of receiving the phone.

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One week without a single ghost touch event.
Tightening the screws really seems to have fixed the issue on my phone.

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For a phone where one of the main draws is the reparability, I think support should propose how you can fix the phone yourself. Either by tightening the screws or by swapping the screen if the former doesn’t work. Sending the phone in for repairs should be a last resort only.