Screen suddenly becomes noticeably darker

I have almost always set my FP4 to the highest screen brightness. Since the update to Android 12, however, I sometimes experience that the FP4’s screen suddenly becomes much darker; as if someone had turned off the light :D. When I then check the screen brightness, I am still told that the brightness is at maximum. Eventually, the problem goes away and the screen goes back to being as bright as it was before.
Of course, this is quite annoying, especially in bright environments where I can hardly do anything with the phone because I can’t see anything on the screen.
Does anyone else know this problem? And if so, do you know what can be done about it?


It sounds a bit similar to this issue!?

There was a new button implemented with A12 called “extra dark/dim” is this on or off for you? You can find the button in the quick settings when you pull down from the top


Oh, thank you, I didn’t find this thread.

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See you following up over there so I will close here.
Regarding support reports: yes def report this the more information they have the better.