Maximum brightness on FP4 is not bright enough

Hi everyone,
I searched for a previous discussion about this issue, but only found it related to FP3.
A couple of updates ago (maybe May? I can’t be sure…), maximum brightness of the screen is now substantially lower than before.
This is not an issue when using the phone indoors, but it makes it almost unusable outdoors, under sunlight (I’m in Portugal, so this is an issue 10 months of the year…).
Am I the only one with this issue? :thinking:
Please note that this is not related to the issue discussed here Workaround screen dimming after A12 update
It is a problem with the maximum brightness of the screen, i.e., the maximum screen brightness is not as bright as it was.

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sounds like it is, actually. the screen dimming bug causes the maximum brightness to drop down significantly.


Dont agree the general max brightness changed however since Feb with Sun/Heat the screen dimms while the slider stays at max as discussed here which is indeed related to the topic you linked


It is exactly the issue discussed in the linked issue.

Since the Android 12 update (which was in February), the FP4 has a cooling feature that reduces the maximum brightness even when the slider is all the way to the right.

This occurs when the phone heats up to ~40 degrees at the CPU, which is not a lot at all.

So yeah, that’s the issue. FP said, a fix is to be expected in October. Until then, feel free to use my workaround if you are rooted.


Thanks for all your feedback. And now I’m hopeful that the problem will be solved by October…

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