Proposal for category "Lineage OS"

I would like to propose to set up an new category “Lineage OS” in this forum. It could be a sub category of “Alternative OSes”. The post “Using Lineage OS on the FP2” has already 235 replies and it’s not easy if you want to discuss a specific question / issue. I think proper threads with subjects would make discussions around the subject much easier.
The same might be useful for other OSes like Sailfish that has its own “mega thread”


I wouldn’t mind a new (and first) sub-sub-category, I’m just wondering how the category-indicator in the latest view would look for such a category.


How about promoting “Alternative OSes” to a top-level category to avoid the sub-sub-category thing?


Yeah, I am also more in favor to start a new thread for new issues, instead of adding everything to the big Using LineageOS thread.

But if people would already start doing that… then it would be easier to see if a LineageOS category is needed…


Ehm, sorry, ain’t that the case already?

and so on.

Maybe LineageOS already qualifies for a sub-category on the same level as Android.
To differentiate it from the official OS-versions, it could be headed:
LineageOS (unofficial)
"(Unofficial) LineageOS"
or something like that.
Maybe some threads from #software:dev could or should be moved to that new sub-category as well. Like this one:

SailfishOS and Ubuntu could be handled the same way (right now or later, when there is more discussion about them).
This way the wide variety of possibilities would be even more visible.
Well, what makes sense on this behalf is up to the techies obviously. :grin:

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Yes indeed, some people start their own threads, but not all. The Using LineageOS thread now has over 300 posts containing many different topics. If those would be split out, we’d get a better idea which portion of posts on the forum are about LineageOS and then can decide if the volume is enough for a separate category.

If you now look at the amount of new threads in each (sub)category, #software:alternative-oses is really not that big… (six new threads each month)

Maybe instead of splitting that thread, the portion of posts could be measured just by “the portion of posts”, i.e. the number of posts in threads for LOS compared to the number of posts in other threads.

There are at least three LOS threads (in #software:dev and #software:alternative-oses with really high viewing count and frequent posting:

Porting LineageOS to FP2 193 posts (since April '17); developing.
LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2 122 posts (since June '17); developing.
Using LineageOS on the FP2 as mentioned 301 posts (since May '17); alternative OS
That amounts to 616 posts since April 2017; seems quite a lot to me.
Maybe this rough estimation could do it to decide if a LOS-category is needed.

My guess would be, that posters are more likely to open new threads, when there is a special category for LOS.
If it is necessary and worth the effort for the moderators or admins to split up these long threads is beond me. I am here just from a organisational point of view, as I lack all technical understanding for the topics at hand.

And maybe this thread could be counted as well (although it might focus more on cyanogenmod):
Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS 191 posts (October '15 to April '17); developing.


Sounds like a chicken and egg problem. :slight_smile:

I’d be in favor for now to start separate threads for each issue and use the #lineageos tag to still cluster the threads about Lineage.

My main reason is that I would not want a third layer category (sub- subcategory) and I do not know what might be a good other place now to put LineageOS.

Just to create a separate category in the #software category, while still keeping #software:alternative-oses might be confusing…

But, I am open for nice and elegant solutions :slight_smile:


Category and tag could be turned around:

Why not let every alternative OS which is installable (most prominently now LineageOS, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch) be a #software category for themselves, but sharing an #alternative-oses tag?

#software:alternative-oses could become #software:alternativeos-longshots (or something like that, you get what I mean :slight_smile: ) to cater to other OSes not installable yet or not even actively in development yet, also sharing the #alternative-oses tag, and of course being able to get their own category, too, when they become installable.

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My thougt exactly; just not sure if it’s nice and elegant enough. :wink:
Though, as _alternative OS_is quite a long tag, I would propose something like other or various

  • Other: Jolla
  • Other: LineageOS
  • Other: SailfishOS
  • Other: Ubuntu
  • Other: Various
    This way all those inofficial alternative OSS would be together at the end of the list. You could easyly see the OSS where the progress is advanced and that sorting should be more developer friendly, as it allows for faster access to their special “environments”. :grin:

(Post written on my FP2; the auto-correction being a real pain in the a… ;))


How about LineageOS (and others) as 2nd tier categories in the same color as #software:alternative-oses? Maybe even with an “alt:” prefix, so #software:alt:lineageos.

PS: As I’m writing this I realize a : in the name of a category may not work.

Is it possible to put something into practice soon ? There are now several larger Lineage related threads and I personally cannot understand why a “Lineage OS” category is not just introduced.


We have since found out that it’s not possible to create sub-sub-categories.

So I’ll repeat my suggestion from above:

so e.g.: #software:alt-lineageos

This way it would kinda look like a sub-sub category and wouldn’t stand out too much in the latest view (to people who don’t use any alternative OS all alt topics would look the same).

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We totally agree on that solution.
I just would like to propose “other” instead of “alt”, as this prefix would result in the alternative OSs to appear at the end of the list in the software category.

I think they are ordered by activity.

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I like your idea - it gives me nostalgic feelings of the “good old” times of newsnet: alt.os.fairphone.lineageos

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Now that you name it. :blush:

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I’ll look into it tomorrow. Any help with splitting and moving topics is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


I’d love to; but I guess you still want the forum to be useable afterwords. :wink:
Therefore count me out and take your time!

They are ordered manually: ie. I pick their order. :wink:

We could set them to be sorted by activity, but that is a whole different discussion