[LineageOS] How can I change icon set in Trebuchet?

I downloaded ICEcons iconpack, but I can’t seem to find how I can install it.

Neither the Trebuchet, nor the system settings say something about theming…

Any tips here?

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Can’t find it either.
Also ICEcons are supposed to include 4k wallpapers which are not available in the wallpaper picker.

The icons are definitely there though. I only use two of them combined with PowerToggles where they are available:

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Wondering the same thing.
I remember CM12 had theme app where you could easily change themes, but I dont see it here.

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Sorry, but changing icon sets is only possible if you

  • either have got theming support via a theme app (e.g. on CyanogenMod). This is the “low-level” way: you are basically hacking your own smartphone (the SystemUI) to think, that those icons would be the real icons (just like some malware…).
    LineageOS does not yet have theming support, but will probably get it (https://forum.xda-developers.com/lineage/help/theme-support-lineage-os-t3531658 ). Standard Android / Fairphone OS probably won’t get it (because those want to be as minimalistic as possible, and icon sets are just ‘extra’ stuff).
  • or use a Launcher App, that supports custom icon sets. This is the “high-level-app” way. Trebuchet (as of version 6.0.1 on my smartphone) does not support icon sets from within the app. On F-Droid, KISS Launcher ( https://f-droid.org/repository/?fdid=fr.neamar.kiss ) and Open Launcher ( https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=com.benny.openlauncher ),
    support custom icon sets.
    OpenLauncher is developed by the same person
    (dkanada, see https://github.com/dkanada) as ICEcons ( https://github.com/dkanada/ICEcons ). If you need a more stable / easy / functional Launcher App (e.g. Apex, Nova), that supports custom icon sets, you need to get one from Google Play (e.g. via Yalp)(unfortunately those are all proprietary).

Apparently that’s not true. According to the repo entry for ICEcons, it supports

Trebuchet, Kiss, Nova, Apex, Holo and Adw launchers

My version of Trebuchet (6.0.1) does not support settimg custom icon sets from within the app.
• Newer versions of Trebuchet could allow that?
• Maybe they actually wanted to say: Trebuchet in conjunction with a theming app supports custom icon sets.

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I can set custom icons in KISS and I don’t have any theming app installed (I’m running #kitkat on my FP1.)

Yeah well Kiss doesn’t need a theming app.