No 4G / 5G connection Sunrise Switzerland

Dear Fairphone-Forum

Since I got the new F4 I have a new subscription from a large swiss telecomunication brand (Sunrise) that offers 5G. Sadly, the connection to 5G never worked. Since the new update, not even 4G works and I just receive LTE. I got a new SIM card and even with eSIM it doesn’t work.

With my friend’s SIM card (from another provider) the 5G worked. I also disabled the VoLTE, as I read in another forum post and checked all my settings.

Do you have any idea what I can do?

Thanks alot!

Have you checked with your provider whether there is 5G currently available in your area, whether there’s scheduled or unscheduled maintenance occurring, and whether you have the right APN settings?
Sunrise’s 5G seems to be offered on the n78 band, which is supported by the Fairphone 4. Also plenty of overlap between their 4G bands and the bands supported by the FP4.


4G and LTE are different names for the same thing. So unless you mean something else, only the name might have changed.


Well, Not exactly… See e.g. here or here.


But there is no difference in the meaning of the symbols in the status bar.

In Germany for example, a T-Mobile driven phone shows LTE in the status bar, a phone with a Vodafone card shows 4G. Both means exactly the same.


So this means they use the same protocol but the phone displays it differently (so thee provider decides the symbol)? :thinking:

As far as I know. My friends with an iPhone and T-Mobile have LTE shown, an iPhone with Vodafone 4G.


Thank you all for the replies.
So my provider just gave me a new SIM card (and afterwards the eSIM login). I checked that in my is 5G is available. And three weeks ago I received a 4G net (with the according symbol) but now just LTE. And the speed is also rather low (around 50MB upload and download).
So I still have no clue what’s wrong…

I assume you mean 50Mbit/s? If that is slow or fast is a subjective matter. Personally, I consider it decent, considering that you’re using a shared medium with pretty low signal strength. While 4G can theoretically be much faster, this is rarely true in practice due to sub-optimal conditions. In that regard it is not unlike WiFi speeds.
Do you have evidence that it was once much faster with the same phone under the same conditions (weather, location, operator, etc)?

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Hey :slight_smile:
Yes of course I mean 50Mbit/s. The internet speed was during the phase I had 4G much better (often over 100Mbits/s). The case is that I use my phone often as a hotspot to work during travelling, and with 4G (and of course 5G) this would work much better for file shareing. And technically it also should with my provider, price plan and F4…

It seems VoLTE and VoWifi was fixed, but not 5G

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For about two weeks, I have the same problem with my Fairphone 4 and a big provider in Germany: when I switch it on, I do not get any connection - neither to 4G nor to 5G, Then I switch to airplane mode for some seconds, and after that everything works without any problems. I am a bit astonished that this problem occurs just now, in the first two month of use of the new Fairphone the connection was established immediately.

Oh wow! Thank you for your research. That sounds shitty… Let’s hope that my request to my provider brings some development…

For Germany O2 please see here

Or here

That didn’t help in my case. But thank you!

Did you change to 4G/3G/2G, so switch off 5G?

Changed the topic title to indicate your provider

Yes I did but, still LTE instead of 4G…

And thank you for the change of the title. :slight_smile:

As discussed above thats mainly “the same”


Could you also try your sim card in another phone? This may have nothing to do with your phone, since everything works well with another sim card. If your sim card doesn’t work well with another phone, it will be a good info to share with Sunrise. If it works with another phone, then maybe there are some settings you can play with…

Hello Nick

I have a FP 4 with a SIM-Card provided by UPC (which is now together with Sunrise, using their mobile net). Sometimes I have 5G, sometimes 4G, so basically it does work with the correct settings. Perhaps you check the settings in a sunrise-shop.