No 4G / 5G connection Sunrise Switzerland

Just been reading up on this.
4G is a generation and covers a number of frequency bands.
The idea is to be able to provide up to 100Mb/s second.

This top speed is very dependent upon location, climate and of course transimission equipment, and not all phone have an equally good receiver.

So LTE (Long Term Evolution) was coined to acknowledge the incremental approaches that were above 3G specs but have not reached 4G.

The increments are different protocols on how a network tries to increase the speed. Different networks can use various methods and are very likely to pass on an LTE message when they do to show they are taking it seriously.

So LTE on one network isn’t necessariyl the same as an other although the different protocols etc are no doubt aquired by most networks.

How the phone interprets the ‘4G’ transmission is another issue and clearly different phones will show different symbols.

It may well be that iPhones and Android use different receivers and show differnet iocns.

And unless all Androids use equivalent receivers and software they also may have various cases which show LTE or 4G

The main issue is that LTE is an attempt at getting 4G speeds and 4G doesn’t mean it has been successful

LTE vs. 4G | The Differences Explained | Digital Trends.

Hey there

I have finally received written confirmation from the provider. As mentioned earlier, the Sunrise network does not support the Fairphone to get 4G or 5G.

This is really very bad and I would be very interested to know how you @Alois1 manage this.

Kind regards Nick

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No 4G or no VoLTE? I would be really surprised if you could only use 3G mobile data and why this should be the case?


Fairphone supports certain bands (Frequency bands) Some of which are used by both 4G and 5G. Fairphone supports the bands listed as

4G supported bands
5G supported bands
Sub 6 NSA bands: n1/n3/n5/n7/n8/n20/n28/n38/n41/n71/n77/n78

Please ask them to confirm they use none of these bands, it ridiculously unlikely.

I have found this provided by Sunrise and struck out those that Fairphone do not support. Taken from this link that was posted previously

4G LTE Frequency Bands
B3 (1800 MHz)
B7 (2600 MHz)
B20 (800 MHz)
B28 (700 MHz)
B67 (700 MHz Suppl. DL)
B75 (1500 MHz Suppl. DL)

5G NR Frequency Bands

n78 (3500 MHz)
n80 (1800 MHz Suppl.)

You may want to check your area online.

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A family member has a Fairphone 4 and LTE/4G works fine on the Sunrise/UPC network. Except VoLTE, but that’s another topic.


Hi Nick

I am using a SIM-card provided by UPC Switzerland for my FP 2, but now using with the new FP 4, without any special settings. Sometimes I have 4G, sometimes 5G, but I don’t know on what this depends, I presume it might just be my location.
I got the SIM-card at UPC in Zürich (shop at Kirchgasse). I find it astonishing, that UPC would provide 4G/5G, but not Sunrise. Perhaps you try at a UPC-shop?
Kind regards, Alois

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My guess is that they don’t want to officially confirm any support for it because they don’t want to bother.
But 4G as a standard should work on all compliant devices. VoLTE is a different matter and different operators seem to handle that differently.


It’s often ‘better’ to disbale VoLTE and let the phone use any old 3G for voice

It really depends. But if you run into trouble, it’s certainly the first thing I’d turn off - even if you have connection problems that do not seem directly related to voice calling.


Same problem here. But only since the last system update. The SIM Card (digitec) gets 4G+ with my old Motorola G5 plus.

Good day dear community.

I am the proud owner of a Fairphone 4.
I have a question regarding 5G and the provider Sunrise (Switzerland).
Can anyone find out if the 5G network has been released by Sunrise?

Sometimes it shows me 5G, but then I have no connection.

Thank you for your answers

Have a read on this page from Sunrise about 5G

The Fairphone is not mentioned

Please see this post, VoLTE and VoWifi seem to have been fixed

I confirm : VolTE and WifiCalling are ok but still no 5G (FP4.FP3W.A.128.20220516, Sunrise eSIM)

Sunrise (eSIM) + build FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826

Now I see the 5G indicator, great progress :wink:

Speeds are not bad, even though the test software says 4G-NR/LTE.


Sunrise (eSIM) + build FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826

So in the end:

  • VoLTE : ok
  • WiFi Calling : ok
  • 5G : probably ok

All ok with last build (FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920)


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