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You will always have duplication of information in different topics, although there is already a lot merging done. There is no way to keep everything clean, as e.g. topics start with an explanation that often due to less technical skilled people, translation etc pp seems to be a complete different story and later on you notice its the same as something already discussed. Overall the pessimist in me, feels the list will become confusing and messed up over time, even if someone moderates it quite well.


I would only put one topic in the overview spotlight to guide the community to focus their attention there. Otherwise the info and updates about the issue might become fragmented. It would be great if mods merge as much as possible so even without that footnote list we can have a single thread per issue. But I opened it up to the community as a wiki to contribute, so feel free to add those related issues. :nerd_face:

I personally see the use of the overview go in decline when we start to cluster multiple of the same issues into an overview.

@yvmuell it’s indeed quite a task to keep things organized. But Discourse can make it easy, there are bigger and more active communities. Merge when needed or improve topic titles when needed. Also indeed for the overview, short descriptive titles would be best. But we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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You are right, keeping the overview clean makes more sense :+1:
I’ll keep the related topics in my head for now, most of them will close themselves over time anyway :smirk:

I agree, every list that requires people manually editing something is always at risk of becoming out of sync very fast, especially if the primary maintainer is absent for some time.
Keeping the scope as narrow as possible and only listing “high level problems” hopefully mitigates that problem a little.

Looking for a “source of truth” was probably wishful thinking on my part. It’s becoming increasingly hard for me to keep track of all the open(ed) issues and I’ve only been here for 3 months (can’t imagine what it’s like for people who have been here for several years)…
Searching is an option, but new users won’t magically start using it (a lot of them still do) and I honestly can’t even blame them, I struggle to find my own posts sometimes.

Something like a tag based Issue Tracker like @UPPERCASE suggested before could be a way that would at least reduce the effort required to maintain such a list.
Maybe the announced new forum theme will bring changes to the tagging system and makes this a possibility, here’s hoping :crossed_fingers::smiley:

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Hello !
No 5G, no WifiCalling and no VoLTE for Sunrise UPC provider (Switzerland)

I think we should see that as a provider issue, not really a Fairphone issue. What do you think? Of course Fairphone will need to work with the provider to make things work properly. But it’s mostly in the hands of the provider from my point of view.


UPC does not (yet) support VoLTE or WiFi Calling on FP4
And UPC doesn’t support 5G yet:

5G ist in deinem Abo jedoch nicht enthalten. Um 5G zu nutzen, solltest du zu einem Sunrise Mobilabo wechseln. Kontaktiere hierzu den Kundendienst unter 0800 007 045.

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What do you know about my abo ?
I have a full European abo with illimited voice + datas WITH 5G
And now, the provider name is Sunrise UPC (and all was ok with my Xiaomi)

I am not so sure : who can tell if the problem is a firmware problem into the FP4 or an incompatibility to the provider (or both) ?

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I agree that it’s fundamentally a provider issue, but as others have said before you can’t expect ordinary users to know that they have to disable VoLTE to get the cell service working for example.
That makes it a Fairphone issue as well in my opinion.

Because of that, I added Phone can't connect to mobile network after booting to the list earlier.
But I’m willing to change my mind on this :smirk:

If we are only talking about some services not available from a specific provider here, I don’t think that should be tracked as a Fairphone issue…


I would def call this an issue for the FP4 and we already have several threads for this. So far it affects O2 Germany only, but many people use it and it makes the FP4 unusable. With the FP3 its no issues, so def FP4 related.

What I actually would not put on the issue “tracker” are feature requests, like the missing LED or at least call it feature request

Edit: overall I’m more and more hesitant to believe that a forum wiki is a good platform to build a bug tracker.

Edit2: some explanation why I’m so pessimitic.

  • looking at a “real” bug tracker of the FP2 which is only for FP(O)OS not LOS, e/OS etc pp and seperated per Android Version, there are for Android 9 more than 150 issues And for the new Android 10 already 39. Thinking of such a number in a wiki…
    Maybe think of moving solved issues to a “hide details” category. However…
  • how well does the search function work within the wiki? Without proper search function it will be difficult shortly

Yeah, it should handle this better. My Pixel 3 doesn’t have VoLTE support, I don’t even have the option in my phone settings. It’s able to detect that my provider doesn’t support it for my phone, and therefore the option is not available. So yeah, Fairphone should probably do the same. There are too many threads solved by disabling VoLTE.

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Should the point, that the notficitaion sound can’t get set to “none” (see this thread get added?

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I can set “No sound” for notifications on my Pixel 3 running Android 12. I’m not sure how that was with Android 11. But can’t you configure something in Do Not Distrub to not allow notifications from apps? If that’s what you want?

I guess it’s fine to add this issue, if people can reproduce it, which it seems they can. But for sure it’s a low impact one.

On the FP4 notification sounds for individual apps can’t be set to “None”, compare those two screenshots (both Android 11) and the missing option at the top:

Setting it “None” (“Ohne”) on the Fairphone will actually set it to “Default” (“Standard-Benachrichtigungston”). I’d call that a regression (albeit a low impact one) that definitely should be tracked.
Setting it to “None” globally still works though.


Last release (mid-march) freed VoLTE and WifiCalling, but not 5G (Swiss Sunrise UPC)

Build: FP4.FP3S.A.0103.20220221

Surely whichever ring tone you set you can set the volume to zero and have the same effect as None ?

This is about silencing only specific notifications and not all of them. Setting the notification sound to “None” globally works already.
It’s also not possible to set ringtone and notification volume separately, which makes this not a very practical solution.


I’m a bit late to the party cause I saw the posts only now. A few remarks from my side as a mod:

Merging should only be done when the topics are new and with a few posts. From experience, merging two big topics will only bring a big mess. It’s not so much a problem to have multiple topics that deal about different topics, as far as they are all linked to one principle topic that explains well the issue. This principle topic should IMO be the one in the issues list, as it’s done currently.
Just flag or ask to moderators to merge as soon as you deem it necessary, and we’ll look into it. We can’t be looking everywhere :slight_smile: As TL3+ you can also recategorize and edit titles and tags yourself, so don’t hesitate to do so, it’s helpful! I mainly try to keep topics in the right categories and try to avoid duplicate tags, but if you feel like adding the right tags to the right topics, please do so.

Haha, I see we’re doing the same :joy: Honestly, I just try to remember from memory, use tags and categories to find faster, try to remember dates and users who posted and I usually find it with the good filters in the search (the search is tricky to use, but once you understood how it works, it works great).

Not sure which changes you’re expecting. I feel like the current tagging system is already good, and improvements should be brought by how we use it.
Just a note: if ever you wish to join two duplicate tags, please warn the mods. We can set tags as synonyms so that they get automatically replaced, or do batch edits on topics. Discourse offers hundreds of moderating options, you might want to ask the mods first if the option you’re looking for doesn’t already exist :wink:

Edit: Typos


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