5G drains battery

I had a similar experiences on a vacation were I had 5G connection: the battery lasted only for ~5 hours.
Now, back at home and to 4G only, battery is back to expected working time.

:dizzy_face: Definitely not normal: I’m currently on 5G all the time, and my FP4 lasts its usual 1.5 days (more or less depending on use, and I use it quite a lot, including an average of about 1h a day on the phone and lots of Internet since it’s currently my go-to device for internet connectivity).
I’m just saying that the cause must be more elaborate than just using 5G or not.

For the record, I’m using Orange FR inside Paris (yes, I’ve been stranded here longer than I expected or wanted).

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I can confirm the exact same thing. My battery got worse on the A12 Update sometime around march. It didn’t even last for a single day. Before it did easy for 2 days (depending on usage).

Last week I was in another country and thus only had 4G, the battery was back to normal (2 days).
When I got back home with 5G it got worse again. I turned 5G off (only 4G and below) and now battery is back to normal even at home.

Care to mention which operator and which countries?
(It’s not personal information, unless that operator has you as only client… :grin:)

The thing is that without precise information we’ll never manage to pin the cause down. It’s certainly not 5G as such, for reasons mentioned above, it has to be something in specific operators’ network configurations, and it would help to know that operator A does have this problem while operator B doesn’t.
It would allow us to potentially find a workaround until Fairphone (hopefully) fixes it, or the problem simply goes away with some future (phone or network) update.

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I have Galaxus Mobile which uses the antenna network of Sunrise in Switzerland.

Maybe they never fixed that really

That’s probably unrelated, since his problem started with the A12 update.

I agree though that there seems to be some kind of ongoing incompatibility between their “flavor of 5G” (didn’t even know this was a thing!) and the FP4.

KurtF is right. I too have a sunrise subscription in Switzerland. I know of another person with the same phone and subscription that has the same problem. By the way, we both have changed battery hoping to solve the problem, with no result. This is not cool and not sustainable.

Anybody else experience this? Is it only this provider/region, or somebody else has the problem?

It would be really nice if the Fairphone team could find the time to patch this. It’s really annoying. I have set my phone on 4G but I still need to activate 5G in areas of poor reception. I am sure that a solution exist; no other phone seem to have this problem. Fairphone developers, help, please?

You need to contactsupport to ask FP to work on it however, without Sunrise doing their part…

Yes this is from before A12 still…

Just for context, with my Samsung S21 5G, I can get a lot of drain in places with bad reception, or on some networks. It’s always fixed by disabling 5G. This is on Android 13.


As previously stated: This is not purely a Fairphone problem but some compatibility issue that probably requires all parties to work together. But you can contact FP support to help move it along as already suggested.

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@mde, ,this is a good suggestion. I just sent a request

@sonohgong I am on android 12, but I am not sure this is the problem. I have fair or good reception (I live in town and there are plenty towers around). From what I could ascertain by asking to friends and colleagues, other 5G phones do not have this problem. It looks like a bad match between the FP4 and Sunrise.


I just wanted to add my experience which mirrors the ones already described. I have digitec (esim, sunrise as carrier) and salt (physical Sim). On both networks the same. Probably a bit less drain on salt 5g than on sunrise 5g (subjective no hard evidence). All back to normal, almost 2 day, batterylife when using 4g.

I work at Technopark in Zurich on 2nd floor. So 5g coverage should be no problem but still only 0.5 day batterylife on 5g.

Boy was I searching for the culprit for a long time…

PM if I can help narrowing it down with my dual Sim config.

I think this is interesting, how choosing an APN can influence battery live:

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Today I triggered a Google Carrier Service update (release date 12.9.2023). When I saw the update, I suddenly remembered that there were better times with 5G and that after an update of this “app” (along with others though) it got really bad. (Strange I did not remember that until had this trigger for my memory… .) I will turn on 5G again and let you know.

nope still bad battery life :frowning:

I made the same experience. My phone was migrated from UPC to Sunrise (Switzerland), unfortunately at the same day as I got a System-Update for my FP4. Up to this day, my battery needed charging every third day, after that, I needed to charge it every day. Then I realized, that I was now on 5G, so I changed to 4G (or LTE), and now the battery lasts again most of the time for three days (I don’t use it that much).

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Is there anybody with an FP5 that also observes this or does it only concern the FP4?

Same here, Galaxus Mobile and FP4

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Same for me, on galaxus mobile, which use sunrise network, my battery last half a day on 5g, and the normal 1.5 day on 2/3/4g