Fp4 constantly crashing and restarting

I am doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with this phone… I’m using android 11, it has been regularly updated and it crashes randomly there is no pattern to it. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue.

Mine crashes randomly as well. Most of the time when I’m typing. Don’t know if something like that triggers it. I do run the FP monitoring tool. So my hope is that FP devs see this crash happening and investigate it and eventually produce a fix.

Does it also happen in safe mode ? The first step is to know if an app is not responsible of this behaviour.

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The SIM card if faulty/too old or the SD card could cause such behaviour as well. So do you use a SD card and how is it formatted? How old is the SIM card and is it properly in place?

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Mine is crashing when I enable data for the eSIM when roaming in some countries. The only solution is to either disable data for that SIM before going to that country or disable the eSIM completely while there (i.e. not enter the PIN after the phone reboots). Which means I’m unreachable on one of the numbers. And I can’t use that SIM for 2FA.

I think there are reports that this can be caused by 5G and setting to 4g/3g/2g helped (also reported when using Iode OS)

And just one generell comment: just because a provider offer 5G does not mean he supports it for the FP4, like described here for Sunrise in Switzerland

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How do I put the phone into safe mode?

Tbh I just read of the fp2, fp3 and fp4 crashing on a regular basis… didn’t realise this would be an issue. I’ve realised what the issue is. I’ve used my phone for hotspot tethering. I switched that off and I haven’t had a problem since…

Interesting. If you could pin that down, please #contactsupport and let them know. The more reports they get of a problem, the more likely that they’ll actually allocate resources to fix it.

This has been happening with me FP4 too, before and after the upgrade to Android 12.

I was running the twilight app (blue light filter). After disabling/removing it, the frequency of crash/restart sharply dropped but they are still happening.

I bought my FP4 on September 2022.

I had another FP4 until July 2022 (which I broke) but this one never had that problem.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint what is triggering the restart but it mostly happen when I’m not actively using my phone. (I mostly find out that my phone rebooted when I have to type in my pin code instead of using the biometric unlock.

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My FP4 is restarting (seemingly) randomly.
It started about a month ago. My impression is that it only happens when travelling, by car or by train.
Almost always around the same area, actually.
But maybe that’s a coincidence?


Dirx, I have the exact same thing happening.
Mine is restarting ONLY when moving fast, so: in car (doesn’t matter if BT is on or off), while biking, while running.
I’ve switched SIM-cards, but this didn’t solve the issue.
It happens daily, but only when on the move.

And indeed, always at almost the exact same spot. When I cross a bridge nearbyy, it will always reboot.


That sounds like a (roaming?) most likely 5G issue. If turned on, turn it off. Else maybe turn off VOLTE and/or Wifi Calling


I’ve turned it off. I’ll be commuting tomorrow and update the results afterwards :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, I have switched off 5G. Hopefully this will have solved the problem.

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Turing off 5G seems to have solved the problem. No more reboots the last two days.


I had some crash issues back on the FP2 when switching between network cells. There might still be some rough edges around 5G here - depending on network settings, implementation on network and phone side, etc. Right now the added benefit of 5G compared to 4G is moderate. So if you can live with turning it off to avoid the problems, that might be a good way until it’s patched on either side.

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Its the 5g network. I’ve turned it off and it hasn’t crashed once for over a week. It was crashing twice a day everyday for over 6 months before. I’m quite annoyed I’ve spent money on a phone which is sold as 5g connectivity as it’s biggest sale point but I can’t use it with maps while driving…

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Then you should #contactsupport .
You may be able to contribute to getting the problem fixed.

My fp4 also randomly crashes, and I also think it is 5g triggering it. I just disabled 5g, and hopefully this will solve it. I am really annoyed: i also have the screen dimming problem (discussed in an other topic), so at the moment i feel like the fp4 really sucks! This phone costs a lot of money, and because of software issues there are many problems. This way I really don’t want to use this phone for 4 more years. :worried:.
I don’t know if any of you allready reported this 5g bug at support, but I certainly will do that. Then, maybe in a few months/years we can use 5g again, as intended.
Greetings from a frustrated fp4 user

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