Fp4 constantly crashing and restarting

Then you should #contactsupport .
You may be able to contribute to getting the problem fixed.

My fp4 also randomly crashes, and I also think it is 5g triggering it. I just disabled 5g, and hopefully this will solve it. I am really annoyed: i also have the screen dimming problem (discussed in an other topic), so at the moment i feel like the fp4 really sucks! This phone costs a lot of money, and because of software issues there are many problems. This way I really don’t want to use this phone for 4 more years. :worried:.
I don’t know if any of you allready reported this 5g bug at support, but I certainly will do that. Then, maybe in a few months/years we can use 5g again, as intended.
Greetings from a frustrated fp4 user

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Yes that’s the thing to do.

BUT also make sure you report the problem to your carrier (mobile network operator). It takes two to tango, and operability of 5G depends on both sides doing their stuff right. I’ve never had 5G - related problems with my FP4 (touch wood :wood: )

I’m having the same problem. How do you turn 5G off?

Go to the app Settings
Tap on ‘Network and Internet’
Tap on the name of your SIM card provider
Scroll down to “Preferred netword type” and tap on it
Then choose 4G/3G/2G (the icon should be green)

thanks, but this is not an option on my FP4 - when I tap on ‘preferred network type’, it doesn’t give me any options to toggle. Is this controlled by my network provider?

further to the above - the network says its not down to them, but is an android or a phone issue

If there is no option, then it is blocked by the provider. It is not an Android or phone issue. Perhaps you can call your provider again. Could you tell us who your provider is?

The provider is yourcoop. They said it was not to do with them. Turning 5G off is in any case a short term solution - is anything being done to confirm that this is the problem, and to address it? The real issue for me is that when the crash takes place, on some occassions the phone won’t restart and I have to factory reset it, and set up all my various accounts again. Thanks for your help!

Have a look at your account at yourcoop. Perhaps you can find a setting there.
It is definitely the yourcoop who is blocking your ability to alter the settings.
I am with Youfone (Netherlands) and I can alter every setting.

Thanks, I’ll try that and take it up with them

I have looked into this. Your Coop in the UK use EE. EE do not let users change the preferred network. So either I will have to change provider to one that does, or hopefully Fairphone can solve the underlying problem. I have contacted support for both Your Coop and Fairphone

If you use a SIM card, I wonder who old is your SIM card.
Perhaps you could change your SIM card for a new one.

does anyone know if there is a fix for this yet? I would like to switch 5g back on… does the fairphone 5 have this issue?

Still an issue with mine and even with 5g off the phone losses connectivity when changing masts. Oh and also I have the screen dimming issues as well. I went through support and after about a month they just reverted back to ‘factory reset the phone’.

such a shame. I had high hopes for this phone and the company… I reported it too and its clearly well documented across the board… you would think by now it would of been solved… I won’t be buying another one. They talk the good talk but not so much with dev work/aftercare…

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Agreed, I bought this phone because I agree with their principles but now I don’t even think I’ll last a full support life of the phone due to this issue. It’s not fit for purpose when you can’t use 5G without it resetting and even if you do turn off 5G it’s still bugs out when moving between masts. I’m really disappointed and I’m also embarrassed because I recommended it to my brother-in-law and he is having the same issue.

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problem with this is that EE are the best for coverage in the country. I’m with EE and I haven’t had a problem switching 5G off in my preferred network settings but with 3g being removed shortly I will only have 4g to rely on. it shouldn’t be down to the network provider to fix the issue likw some people are suggesting. I paid for a 5G capable phone and I have seen this problem reported across the world. it isn’t like its a small problem either, its a fairly decent sized stumbling block to get over and they still haven’t managed it but releasing new phones with new problems. it makes me want to go back to Samsung…

I have the same Issue. I turned off 5G now. However this issue just appeared on my FP4 after the android 13 update. Before that I had no issues.


The same thing happened to me. Updated to Android 13, reboots again and again. Often in the same places where I drive by. I replaced the sim card, no change. I can’t switch to 4G with my provider. This is all very annoying and the reported problems are somehow not taken seriously and it takes endless time until an appropriate update with the fix comes. This was the case with the problems with the dimming of the screen and the fact that the hotspot with 2.4 Ghz could suddenly no longer be switched on.
It’s a real shame, because if FP stays like this, my next device will definitely not be FP, even if I agree with the sustainability and the high price.

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