Fp4 constantly crashing and restarting

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What do you mean by this, exactly? You can always set your FP4 to not use 5G. Do you mean your provider has no 4G network? That would be unlikely as 5G SA is very rare right now.

What you are seeing is likely a compatibility problem between device and network. You should report this to Fairphone officially (contactsupport) - this here is a community forum and Fairphone support won’t regularly monitor it for issues.

It also can’t hurt to report to your provider. Both of them will likely have to work together to fix this.

It means that I can’t deactivate the 5G network either via the sim card in the FP or via my account with the provider and that I probably won’t have this problem with 4G, as suggested in the forum as a workaround. As already written, this problem has only existed since the Android 13 update.

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I have the same problem. After Android 13 update…my phone constantly restarts… people cannot call me, because phone is hanging at SIM pin after auto restart…
Can I create a log that developers of FP can study? This needs to be fixed asap.

Please contact Fairphone officially, infos here contactsupport

Are you sure? Where have you looked? Can you confirm that you don’t see the following?
Settings → Network & Internet → SIMs → [select SIM] → Preferred network type

In any case: Please contact support about your 5G problems. Only complaining here won’t solve your issue, unfortunately. Android 13 likely changed something about 5G handling, so it might have introduced problems not previously seen. Again, contactsupport

I just want to add that this problem occurred for me right after the Android 13 Update aswell, but was only happening in my pocket but I was not sure what caused it. After traveling a week I can confirm it is an issue with the 5G network, during train travel the phone was rebooting every few minutes, turning 5G off instantly stopped that behaviour.

And I want to add that I hadn’t this problem the last two years on Android 12. There is 100% a software issue right now.


Same Problem here.
After update to Android 13 it keeps restarting. Mainly when walking, so when I have it in my pocket, but also at home, so when wifi is on.
Have a new Sim and made a factory reboot, but nothing works.
Wrote to Fairphone a week ago, but no answer…

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I am in the UK…
I find it highly improbable that my network provider needs to work with fairphone to resolve the problem…
Firstly I’m with EE. Literally the biggest phone provider with the most masts in the UK. They also sell them with contracts… I created this post and reported this over a year ago… all of your posts seem to point the blame away from fair phone… I’m also seeing the same issues being reported in different countries, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden… it’s absolutely everywhere…
It’s not like it’s a small problem really either. I will only have 4g network to rely on soon as the 3g network is being switched off here… I bought this phone for longevity. Support for 5 years ect with 5g future proofing… im sick of them passing the blame on to something else every time I contact them. Support is none existent and simply switching 5g off isn’t a quick fix…


You might think the should not and we have seen before they still have to…

I have this problem for months now. So, for me, it was there also with android 12. Only way to stop the random reboots, is to switch off 5g. This problem is older than the screen dimming issue, and still not fixed. I even doubt it will ever be fixed.
Some might say, no big problem, you still have 4g, but that is not the point! We paid big money for this phone because of the sustainability, but in my opinion Fairphone is taking to long to solve the bugs.
This was my first Fairphone, and probably will be my last, just because of all the software bugs. I expected more :disappointed_relieved:


+1 ,
Since Android 13… boot 5-6 Times a day…

Most of problem last year…

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For the moment try to switch off 5G and auto-rotate. See if this helps.

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@Lidwien it’s good for me but when fairphone can offer the fix for this problem ?
a terminal 5g whitout 5g …

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We are user like you, so cant answer. Did you report to support? Then you will get updates from them

ok , i’m very sorry
i have submitted a request to the professional site.

Thanks for the support

We have just wait for the solution. I am confident that it will be solved. It seems provider dependent.

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Same problem here, constant crashes and restarts when walking, in a car or on a bike. It happens more often since the Android 13 update.

I’ve already deinstalled some apps, did a factory reset, etc

Looks more like a contact problem with the battery, than a software fault.

lol, no, software … How can you explain this appears only whith android 13 ???

Just read the post again, I answered to.