Fp4 constantly crashing and restarting

Same issue. Phone randomly restarts. Happens -it seems- only when not on WiFi.
Started after update to A13 / adding extra SIM. Not sure which one caused the issue.

I’ll try switching of 5G now and setting the 2nd SIM to 2G only to see if it helps.
Turning the 2nd SIM off seems to help until now.

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Do simcards age?
MyFp4 worked fine since I bought it, spring 2022. So about 1 1/2 year.
Today it rebooted 7 times in the last half hour.
Don’t like that.

In a train, having 4g or 5g connections, never had this problem before.

Phone has updated itself to Android 13 recently.

Can I do something?

It’s a connection but it isn’t a problem when you switch 5g off??

Report it and switch 5g off apparently… I’ve reported this twice…

Not all problems have the same root cause. It was happening with Android 12 already and no word about 5G.

Notice the op date… it was the release of android 12 when it started happening. It didn’t do it on 11…
And It hasn’t crashed since I and others switched 5g off… So it can’t be a hardware issue… like others have said to you…

Sorry, but I was answering to J_S1, not to you. Different phone, different problem possibly.

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