✏ List of Fairphone 2 Resellers + prices

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I was wondering, which online shops the handpicked partners of Fairphone are for each country and I’d be interested to update this list from time to time (can’t make a Wiki Post I’m afraid). This might be a chance to get a Fairphone earlier than by ordering via the FP shop?
Please also write here if there is a hoax in the list, so we can point them out as well.

So let’s start collecting:

Fairphone 2 Resellers for each country

(all in alphabetical order)



  • T-Mobile (various contracts, without contract only in the local shops)online available in white only)



  • Apartix: Real bricks and mortar store in Basel selling the Fairphone 2 and offering FP2 advice, service and spare parts: FP2 at 580 CHF, for case and spare part prices see website.
  • Digitec: without contract 489 CHF (delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein only)
  • Faircustomer: 649 CHF (Included is that Faircustomer is financing solar energy, that equals 5 years of dayly charging the phone with renewable energy. Of course you still have to pay your charging.) (delivery to Switzerland only)
  • sinndrin genossenschaft 650 CHF (delivery to Switzerland only)
  • Swisscom (operator) The FP is not a standard phone of swisscom but can be ordered with a contract via Digitec (with contracts from Swisscom and as well M-Budget / Salt / Sunrise / Wingo)
  • why!: 579 CHF (online store and shops in Switzerland and France). The Fairphone is sold in Switzerland only.



  • Avocado Store 399,90 €
  • Edeka smart 499,00 €
  • fairmondo 529,90 € (1 % of the total price is donated to Transparency international)
  • memolife (for private customers) 399,00 €
    memo (for business customers) 335,00 € excluding tax
    (German websites, but they deliver to many European Countries in a few days. Memo/Memolife is a German shop for office supplies, stationary, office furniture and office technologies, that has a focus on sustainability, ecology and fairness since 25 years.)
  • Mobilcom-Debitel (with contract from 1 €, without) 399,00 € online / preorder online and pick up in a shop near you; available colours indigo and white.
  • Vireo 399,00 € (worldwide shipping for 30 €)
  • Otto 529,00 €; available colours indigo and white.









  • gogreen: 533 € (they even have the regular case in black matte on sale) sending EU wide (no Fairphone or accessories available right now)
  • Media World: 530 € (no indigo) (delivery to Italy only)


Post.lu It seems, the FP is currently not available. A search on the homepage results in a list, that unfortunately is filled with dead links. Maybe someone knows more from offline research.





  • ETC Mobil (operator) Available with 12 and 24 month contracts for 0 kr (as far as I get it, the price of the phone is split up as a monthly payment in addition to the network-tariff).

PS.: The official list can be found here.

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