Looking for fairphone 2 camera module

Another one who is looking for a fairphone 2 camera module. Cannot take photos any more, please help!

Maybe it’ll be helpful to know if you’re (“only”) searching for the “upgraded” camera module or if the “original” one would be also OK for you.

I have an original camera module you can have if you’re happy to pay postage.

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At the moment I would be happy about anything that makes my camera work and will happily accept your offer.
I cannot see where to send you a private message, do you?

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I would prefer the upgraded version, but I am also fine with the original

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Click on the icon of @gapintheclouds and then you should find a “Message” icon to send a pm.


You could try checking all the reseller’s homepages. They seem to be sold out as well, but one might still have the module in stock.
I have checked some resellers a few weeks ago and just updated the availability of thos I checked:

The list of resellers can be found here:
✏ List of Fairphone 2 Resellers + prices

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