Fairphone 2 camera still available at Inrego (Sweden)

New blog-post, with a good explanation how Fairphon became a victim of their own success.

If you need or want a FP2 camera module, by now, I found just ONE reseller from Sweden, that is offering the camera module at 399 SEK (about 37.55 €).

  • Inrego
    Since my Swedish is not existent, I did not manage to establish, if the phone will be delivered outside of Sweden.
    I used a translator to check all the info-pages of inrego. There are two important infos:
  • The devices sold by inrego seem to be used devices, checked and in good condition.
  • Delivery abroad might be possible, but information is available on request only:

:sweden: Kan ni skicka produkter utomlands? …
:uk: Can you ship products abroad?
For more information regarding shipping and guarantee terms for international orders please contact us at mail order@inrego.se or telephone 08-501 090 00.

And I found 3 resellers that are offering the top-module with the 5MP selfie-cam (but this module is still available in the Fairphone shop as well):

Availability updated 12 February 2020.

I checked all reseller from the list in the following thread:


Transition from mass consumption to something more reasonable isn’t an easy thing, especially for a small company with limited resources.
If it can help, I have one first gen camera module and one first gen top module I can spare and that I am prepared to give to someone who needs them and is willing to cover the shipping costs. Obviously not as good as the 2nd generation modules, but good enough to keep an FP2 going for someone who doesn’t prioritize photo quality on their smartphone!


Strange to see, all vendors offer the last 12MP module but all excluding one show the old 8MP type.

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[Update] Unfortunately at faircustomer (online shop CH only) they are also out of order.

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Thx, I updated the first posting.
Have you checked other online-resellers from the list I linked to as well?

Probably I can close this thread, because the camera module isn’t available online anymore.

You are welcome and thank you for the list.
Yes I checked the other resellers and also made a long internet research but I could’nt find any reseller for camera modules.
So I think thread can be closed.
The only way is to check the community forum or something like eBay for time to time for used camera modules.

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Thank you for the fast reply,
Just out of couriosity I did a check myself and found just 3 shops, still selling the selfie-cam module. So I changed the topic title and the first posting to reflect this situation.

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Oh sorry,
I just looked for the main camera module and not for the top-module because the top-module is even available in the official fairphone shop.

No, I am sorry, as I did not check the official FP-shop first.
(I just wanted to keep this thread alive. :wink: )
I thought to remember, that all camera-modules are out of stock.

Just updated the first posting again, as I, by chance, stumbled over the camera module being available from Inrego (Sweden).
I have no idea, if they are shipping worldwide, EU-wide or just inside Sweden.

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