Fairphone 2 out of stock

Hi, I’m looking for buying an Fairphone, but sadly the website told me that I have to join myself to the waiting list. Does somebody know when Fairphone will be able to be bought again?
Thank you so much


You might be able to find a reseller that has the FP2 on stock right now on this list:


Thanks good info!
I’m rigth if I say that those websites allow you to buy only if you have a contract with them?

I think you need to check that out case by case. In Germany, there are several online shops that offer the FP2 without a contract (and ship internationally as well if you live in a different country).


Anyway, (because of the price of phones and shipping… hehe) have somebody any idea of for how long the exceeding demand will least?

Hey, some good news to ring in the New Year: The Fairphone 2 will be back in stock in January! We don’t have an exact date just yet and quantities will be limited, but people who subscribed to the waiting list will get advanced notice.

Were you hoping to give the Fairphone 2 as a holiday gift? One option is to get crafty and put a paper phone under the tree. But if you want the real thing right now, some of our sales partners still have phones available.

Why the wait?
A big part of the reason is that we were short on display modules - so we kept supplies as spare parts for people who already own a Fairphone 2, and fulfilled commitments to our sales partners, instead of selling new phones directly online. (Read more about how we’re taking on supply chain challenges for our displays.)

But worth it
Thanks for being a part of the Fairphone movement, and helping prove there’s a demand for more ethical electronics!


The battery on my FP1 is currently dieing and as there are no spare batteries available anymore I see no way to extend the lifetime
I’ve been watching the shop since January to buy a FP2. But I missed the short slot when they sold some (for approximately half an hour). Then it said something about “available in march”. March is half-way over
Does anyone know whether FairPhone changed its business model to “spare parts only” or if there is hope that they start selling phones again in the next weeks (from my previous experience with dying batteries I guess that I won’t have much more time)?
I’m seriously looking into getting me a last years-model Samsung. Half the price and available. Hard to beat by a non-available FP

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Would a generic battery be an option?

There are resellers who have it in stock currently.


Thanks for the answer.

I decided against a generic battery because the telephone is getting “old”:

  • the OS is old and apart from security concern there is a rising number of apps that don’t support it
  • there seems to be a problem that the chipset has with my carrier (GPS switches itself on automatically)

That means that it is not worth it to try the “adventure” of a non-supported battery

The only reseller in Austria seems to be another carrier which I’d have to switch to

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You don’t have to stick to a reseller in Austria, as many are shipping EU-wide.
E.g. memolife (delivery to Austria: 4.75 €) or Vireo (delivery to Austria: 14.90 €).

Btw.: I can confirm, that the generic battery works just fine and totally “adventurefree”; although that does not change any of the other concerns you rightfully mentioned.


Thanks for the pointers to the resellers. I was under the impression that resellers are only network-carriers. But that looks interesting

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I was only made aware of the fact last night that the Fairphone 2 is currently available again from the Fairphone Shop. The delivery timeline isn’t fully exact, but it sounds to me like delivery could happen in May.

No clue for how long this has been the case again. :slight_smile:

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We also now list the possible resellers for your region on the shop page. This is based on your IP address (which might be wrong), but you can change this in the top right corner by choosing your country.


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