Icons do not show up on the homescreen

Hi, after updating my Fairphone to OS level 1.8, I experience the problem that some widget icons from several apps do not show up on the home screen.

E.g. MTK Dual SIM
From within the app, you can create icons on the desktop for switching on/off SIM1, SIM2, Data, …
This worked fine for all previous versions of Fairphone OS; until I updated to 1.8: now no icons do get created (or are invisible?).

E.g. Contacts
From within the Contacts application, one could place a shortcut for a contact on the homescreen. Since 1.8, if you click “Place on homescreen”, nothing appears. This also worked for previous versions of Fairphone OS.

This is really annoying and makes MTK Dual SIM completely useless now.

Does anyone know, how to overcome this issue and get back my icons?

Thanks a lot in advance!

For the Contacts, there is a widget called ‘contact’ which can be placed on the start screen (‘contact’, ‘direct call’, ‘direct message’ widgets).

For the FireFox (yes, has same problems as ‘contact’), markus4 found/described a solution/work-around “[Solved] Can’t pin FireFox bookmarks on start screen in new launcher”


There are numerous threads regarding this. Please use the search function of the forum. I’m closing this thread for now, if none of this fixed your issue please PM me so I can reopen this thread.

And in general