Can't pin bookmarks on start screen since kola nut


I’m using the default browser and since the kola nut update i can’t pin bookmarks on the start screen anymor. Does anyone have the same problem?


I just tried here, and it does seem to work when adding a “bookmark” widget to a homescreen.
After draggin the widget in place, it asks for selecting the right bookmark.
What does it do there?

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Thanks for the reply,
I haven’t tried that. I used the opportunity to try out another launcher. There it’s working.

I am also having this problem (with Firefox for Android though) and reported it to the FP team.

This seems to be a general issue with quite a few apps that create icons/shortcuts on the homescreen.
Looks to me that the API which is used by the apps to create shortcuts is broken.
Firefox, Contacts & MTK Dual SIM Shortcut are examples of apps that offer shortcut creation which does not work anymore since 1.8. (I had a thread which was closed without providing a solution: Icons do not show up on the homescreen).

Creating shortcuts is only working when done through dragging a widget to the homescreen. This may be a workaround for contacts. But this doesn’t fix the issue; this is definitely an error and needs a solution especially for apps where no workaround is available and so become unusable with 1.8.

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In the Play Store settings I chose the Option “add symbol to start screen” for new apps. But this doesn’t work anymore as well with 1.8…

Hope the FP team will solve this problem with 1.8.1!

Same problem exists with adding bookmark shortcuts from your browser to the homescreen. I believe it’s a known issue and I expect FairPhone will fix it for the next system update.