[Solved] Can’t pin FireFox bookmarks on start screen in new launcher


I’m using FireFox and can’t pin bookmarks to the “start Screen”

There is a similar post “Can’t pin bookmarks on start screen since kola nut” but that one handles the default browser.
Someone said that there is a widget that can be used to solve the issue with bookmarks and the default browser.
That does not help with FF.


Yes same problem here. I had one Firefox bookmark on my Startscreen and like to have that back.

Ok, solved the problem. First I made the Bookmark in Firefox, then I made the same bookmark in the android browser. After that I went to the startscreen and choose the bookmark widget. In the widget I had to choose a bookmark from the android browser, thats why you have to make a bookmark there.
The first time I tried this my trello bookmark was the Trello icon. Then I tried it again and now its that red flag with the trello icon on it. But doesn’t matter: All the time I pressthe bookmark icon it opens trello in my firefox browser.
Maybe thats because I said android to use firefox as the standard browser.
That was a funny puzzle. :monkey_face:



Thanks for trying out, that is a working solution.

At least it is a work-around for FF, 'cause applications can still not place a bookmark/short-cut/… on the start screen.