Lost "Your Apps" Most Used/Recent Used widget

I lost the quick access.
What did I do wrong?
How do I get it back?

Did you lose QuickAccess altogether? In that case I have no explanation (unless you have installed a new app launcher, e.g Nova. QuickAccess is part of FPs own launcher.)

Or did you lose your chosen shortcuts? If so, are these apps stored in “internal storage” or on an external SD card. In the latter case, the app can be put in place in the quick launcher but will have disappeared after reboot.

OK, this is my first smart phone!!!
While I was on the Quick Access page (the one with the three collums) I seemed to have pressed somewhere in the top left corner of the screen and everything dissappeared.
Even after rebooting, this page stays empty.
No new app laucher was installed.
No additional SD card has been inserted yet.

Maybe you mean the “your app” widget, showing last used/most used apps? It’s easy to accidently delete that one. You can replace it like this:

Press right or left edge of screen so that the QuickAccess menu appear (see p 12-13 in user manual) and tap the circle with six dots to access all apps/widgets.

Now swipe screen to the left till you find the “Your app” widget (on last page). Press and hold - now your allowed the option to put it on one of the pages on your home screen (must be a empty page since the widget is large).


The widget may still be there. Could be he pressed the “reset” button, which wipes away the recent usage data. Don’t worry if this is the case, the widget will fill up automatically again as you use apps.

Ah yes, most likely! In which case the page will be ‘empty’. but not blank: the ‘six dots’ buttom and the Reset button will still be there, as well as the column headers.

Thank you both.
I manage to access whatever I want.
Is it normal that after unlocking the FP
I get an empty screen.
1st wipe right to left: clock and Aptiode
2nd wipe: enjoysomepeace and install google apps
3rd wipe: empty screen

Hi @serpico,

You have five screens on your Fairphone and you can personalize them as you want/need them.
Maybe this tutorial video “All About Apps” from Fairphone will help you out a bit. It explains how you can “fill” those screens with apps. You can place them on a screen, where they are faster to reach.
You can also add other Widgets, they are a bit more interactive or show you more information. Like the clock that is already there, or a preview of your calender. You can find your widgets in your app drawer, just wipe a few times, you’ll see the difference between apps and widgets :blush:

Fairphone did a great job with some more basic tutorial videos. I think you should take a look at them, they might help you better understand what you can do with your smartphone!

Edit: The screen that you see after unlocking your FP, is the one you last “wiped to” before locking it.

Edit 2: Here’s the link to a playlist with all Getting you started with your Fairphone videos.

Thank you Kris,
I will go through these videos.
Thanks for the links.

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I’ve updated the topic title so that others can find the answer to this question should they need it.

Hi there. I had the same - ‘your apps’ disappeared from main panel. However I also can’t find your apps on any of my screens of apps. What should I do? Do I need to reinstall it?

You don’t have to install it. You just have to copy the widget “Your apps” to one of the homescreen.

Hey just saw your post - thank you very much, I found it thanks to your help. This is my first smart phone so I’ve got a lot to learn!