Fairphone update 1.8 bugs/issues + fixes collection! Please check before posting!

Hi all,

I have been busy in the forums the last few hours trying to keep up to speed and will post a collection of issues and fixes for the current update here:

“Fairphone Updater is updating your operating system in the background.
Please try again later”

Open the Fairphone updater app and close it again, now the google apps installation should run if you hit the installer

After the update I cannot re-install google apps because the widget is grey and says they are already installed or after updating the Fairphone still says it’s on 1.6

Your software download was probably corrupted or interrupted. Please try re-downloading and installing the update. You can clear the data on the updater and disable and re-enable the appstore to help. Another option is to manually install the update.

Google apps says it is downloading - but the download does not continue or progress

Disable and re-enable wifi - then the apps installer resets and push the button again. It should then work.

I suddenly only have 3 home screens left - how to I create more?

What you need to do is to drag a widget/app to the far right.

Do this by opening the widget screen/all apps screen and then drag a new widget onto the far right and a new panel should appear (indicated by the dots at the bottom of the screen).

I really do not like the new launcher and especially the bigger icon size

I’m sorry, we thought everybody would like the new launcher - we were incorrect. I will discuss internally what is possible. For now Chris_R posted a techie way to fix it here or a quick fix is to install the old Fairphone launcher from the app store! (not uploaded by us, please be aware of this). You can also bear with us for a while and hopefully we will figure out a solution soon.

I have other issues with the update

Please check out our update troubleshooting tutorials here - if this does not help, please ask for help in the Fairphone update thread here

If you prefer personal help, please send our support team a ticket through www.fairphone.com/support. Please remember that it’s all community members helping eachother out here so please stay friendly and respectful!

Usage related addition:

I cannot find the widgets after updating

Press and hold in blank area on your home screen and you’ll get a new menu pop up and select Widgets. Or alternately press the “Settings” button, (bottom left button on your phone) and you’ll get the same menu.

After I reboot FP1 without the storage upgrade - icons disappear from the homescreen

This seems to be a bug related to apps stored on the SD card. We are looking into it, for now a solution is to move the app from the SD card to the internal storage.

You can also consider doing the storage upgrade, which currently can only be done from 1.6 and not 1.8.

How can I downgrade to Fairphone OS 1.6 (Cherry)?

Here is how to manually install Fairphone OS 1.6 (Cherry).