Google sync lost after update


Since the last 1.8.7 update the sync with google is not working anymore :

The agenda event are not shown anymore
The playstore is not accessible
I coulnd’t activate the data sync to be able to reinstall and restore the phone.

I tried reapplying the update manually but it didn’t changed anything.

Can you please help me to fix that.

I wanted to save and restore the phone but i don’t want to lose data ans setups.
I saved data to the SD card using the save and restore app but I’m not sure it is safe and saves every set up.

Regards XL.

Did you reinstall google yet?



I have a simular problem. I’ve installed yestarday the new fairphone OS 1.8.7. Since the new OS is active, the google sync does not happen automaticly. If i want to see if i recieved new mails, i have dto open the gmail app and activate the sync manualy.

I have allready deleted the google accounts and again installed. No chances so far.

Any idee what teh problem could be and how to solve it?



Ok to make things clear:

  • did you both reinstall google apps through the updater app? this is a necessary step after an update (if you want to use google apps & services) - deleting and re-addin google account is not enough.
  • is your wifi symbol grey or blue when connected to the internet? If it’s grey and you can access the play store download any app and sync should work again. If it doesn’t work continue here.
  • If you can’t reinstall google apps continue here.

If none of this helps post back here.


I have the same problem. It’s very frustrating. Before the update it worked fine.

  • Installed 1.8.7
  • Installed google apps
  • wifi is blue
  • sync works only manually

What can we do to fix it?

Cheers, Niels

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Indeed, we forgot the Google app reinstall step.



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I am experiencing this same problem despite having reinstalled Google apps after the update as advised. This is extremely frustrating, especially as something always seems to go wrong with every update!


I have the same problem, Gmail app only syncs when done manually since the last update. Google apps is reinstalled.

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Same here.
Installed 1.8.7 5 days ago.
Installed Google apps as per every update
WiFi gray until new app installed
WiFi blue at present but ##426## still show not connected to GCM
No push notifications at all. Manual email sync required.
Tried all suggestions found online but no change.

Please get us some kind of official update on this problem.



I have the same problem.

If you want an official update, you need to contact support. This forum is not for official answers by the Fairphone Team. The community moderators (like me) are not employed by Fairphone.

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I am just reinstalling the google apps again, although I did this during the upgrade. Didn’t help.

Here’s a workaround, which helps until the next reboot:
Klick on the left “button”, go to “Manage Apps” and search for “Google Play services”. Then uninstall the updates. Then, the WiFi symbol gets blue again, and you receive a warning, that the gmail app won’t work if you do not update this app. So you update this app again.
Gms is responsible for this misbehaviour, and unfortunatelly sometimes something crashes and the WiFi symbol gets grey again.

Hi Stefan,

You misinterpreted my request: I was sending a general plea for a direct response from the Fairphone team. Since this certainly appears to be the “official” Fairphone community forum, hosted and maintained by Fairphone, it seemed reasonable to assume Fairphone might respond publicly in the case of recurring issues with major upgrades. However, since my assumption appears to be incorrect I retract the request.

I will contact support directly as you suggest.

Thanks for your clarification.


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But you did mean “an official answer” with “an official update”, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

You did not read the official Welcome Banner, which is displayed, when you first visit the forum: :wink:

My bad Stefan!

After almost 21 years of Internet services hosting, and various online activity, I really should have read the Banner :blush:


Never mind haha :slight_smile:

@all: I was just thinking: Did anyone of you try to run the Fairphone OS 1.8.7 update again (not just the Google Apps installer)?

To do so, go to the Fairphone Updater app > Advanced Mode > Android for Fairphone > Latest version > Install.

Does this solve the problem for any of you?

Edit: Apparently this does not solve the issue, as @Mark_Tiramani states here.

Hi Elise_Ross,

Your tip worked for me !!

Obviously this may not work for others, but it is the only thing that brought Gmail push notifications back to life for me! Many thanks!!

I went to “Apps” -> “Google Play services” -> “Uninstall updates” -> clicked “OK” then “OK” again at a second warning: “Do you want to replace this app with the factory version?”. The app is uninstalled and a notification appears stating that “Gmail won’t run unless you update Google Play services”. Touching this notification brings up the GPs screen to “UPDATE/OPEN” GPs. I updated GPs and the notifications were fixed. But after a reboot the WiFi icon is grey again and GPs has to be reinstalled to reactivate push notifications. For now this is at least a working fix since I rely on the push notifications for work.

The first time I did this the phone notification mentioned “Maps” the second time it mentioned “Gmail”. I have no idea if this is of any significance.


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I’ve tried this already and it didn’t work. Elise_Rose’s solution doesn’t seem to work for me either.

Found another thing that worked for me: apparently, sync was disabled for the ‘primary’ inbox after the update. To change this, go to settings for Gmail, then click your account, then ‘manage labels’, then ‘sync primary’. I receive updates from gmail again. However, I also noticed that ‘android device manager’ doesn’t ‘see’ my Fairphone anymore when I try to access it from a computer. Anyone with the same problem?

Could this be related to the loss of the Android-ID?

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