Update frustrations

I’ve updated my OS 3 times since owning my Fairphone and every time has been an extremely frustrating experience.

The first and second times I had to re-download everything, set up ringtones, desktop everything all over again. I was promised this wouldn’t happen again in the future. To be fair - it didn’t, but it took numerous attempts and resets to be able to download Google apps again, and now that I have google email notifications aren’t working (and yes, I’ve been through all the tutorials and checked all the right boxes are ticked. Worst of all some phone numbers have been deleted from my contacts.

Fairphone hardware has been great, but that’s useless when the software doesn’t work properly, and updates are more hassle than they’re worth.


I don’t think anybody would promise such a thing, but thats beside the point.

Is your wifi symbol blue or grey? Did you already download or update any app from the play store after the update?

Please check the following topics if your problems relate:


I would just like to second everything snw has said.I am experiencing exactly the same issues with the current update and I am becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed with Fairphone’s continually botched updates.


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