FP3 Display freezes! Display noise issue

The Fairphone3, bought in late August as an anniversary gift, has a huge problem, and i cannot understand which is the origin of it. As you can see from the picture attached to the post, the display just freezes and it becomes like this ( see picture). The problem occured in many different situations, like right after ending a call or during a whatsapp chat, so there is no specific reason from what i can understand.
To be honest, is a very annoying situation, especially because my wife works with her phone, so this situation cannot go on.
Is there any possible solution?


You can check the four screws that secure the connection between display and core module. I have marked them on this photo that iFixit made:

When it helps, fine, but you should report the problem to Fairphone Support (office hours monday to friday) anyway:



Thanks a lot! I’ll try as soon. Ugo

Same issue here. Got mine less than a month ago. Will give the screws a try but to me they feel firmly tight.

I tried as Urs said, unfortunately no improvement happened. Indeed, today it has definitively stalled. If I switch it off, I remove the battery and switch it on again, everything appears as before. Gone.
Called for assistance and say they change it. I’m sorry, okay, let’s hope the next one is better.

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I have the exact same issue, started right from the get go. I think it is more likely to happen when the screen is colder - warming it up seems to help, and when I keep the phone on me, ie - body temperature, this doesn’t seem to happen.

I reported it to support a few days ago, but they are quite overwhelmed at the moment, so it might take time to hear back from them. Will let you know what they say.

Will also be interested to hear if securing the screws made any difference.

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Hi Ruth, I’ve also noticed the support team is very busy but I phone them and was easter. You know, the fp3 is a gift to my wife for our anniversary, she use it for work and I can’t ask her to wait to use the phone the body temperature makes it works. I’ve tried to secure the screw, but nothing happen.

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Do you mean that the phone completely died?

A very kind girl explained to me, after asking the technical department, that I have to wait for them to decide what to do.

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I tried to fix the screws yesterday (they were tight). It didn’t help long. the issue appears randomly since then but certainly more often. I doubt that the screw fix helps. Temperature is not the problem. I’m in my office now and have this weird distorted display.
I will contact my reseller for a replacement. So sad…


Sad and terribly annoying :anguished:

I’m starting to think Fairphone’s problem is quality control. They make fantastic products, but then a significant percentage of the unites produced seem to be defected. :frowning:

They just told me to send back my phone so they can send me a new one. I have to say, I’ve been a big fan of Fairphone (I even invested a bit last year!), but I am starting to get really really fed up!

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I had budgeted that a newly product could have defective parts. My Fp2 is perfect but I bought it (used) a year and a half ago. I convinced my wife to switch to Fairphone for ethical reasons and she is enthusiastic. But it must work. Now they told me that the problem is serious and they will have to change it. In fact, every now and then I try to turn it back on, but the display is gone.


Sorry, but may I ask on which numbers you are basing this statement? As far as I know, there are no official numbers of defects, nor sales numbers to begin with.

It might look “signifcant”, just considering the entries in this community. But you have to consider that the questions about errors or misbehaviours accumulate on such an message board. Most people which have no problems whatsoever don’t even think about telling their expierience.


You’re right, a help forum is obviously skewed and I wasn’t basing this on any hard stats. This is more my personal experience, repeated again and again - this is the 4th FP product that I got that had some defect in it (the others were FP2s), and while I also have a friend who never had any defect in her FP2 (until it suddenly died, as phones sometimes do) and has so far had no problems with her FP3 either, I can’t imagine I am so unbelievably unlucky if this is a very rare thing. Especially as these were all defects that were commonly - more or less - featured on the forum. So even if it didn’t happen incredibly often, these were repeated problems.

So yes, rather more subjective than backed up by hard data, but still rather puts me off the company :frowning:

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Yesterday Night i did a factory reset to prepare for sending it back to the reseller. Now it works fine. I’ll let you know if it keeps working.
To me this now Looks Like a Software Problem.

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Well this is interesting. I can’t imagine this is anything other than coincidence, but still, curious :slight_smile:

Over the last few days things were getting gradually a little bit worse, and last night the phone was working so bad, that I thought I was close to my screen being completely gone, as it happened to @ugo. This morning however, after the phone was off for the night like it is every night, the phone was fine, and - knock on wood - had had not one glitch all day so far!

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Through the whole day i did not experience any issue. Still i assume the problem will pop up again soon


Me neither - not one glitch since yesterday morning! I think this might be the longest with no glitch since I got the phone about a month ago. How bizarre!

Could you let me know if/when you experience something again? I’ll do the same.

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Sure I’ll do. Still works like charm

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