FP3 backlight brigthness flickers ends up very dim

Hi all, I have an issue with my FP3 display brihgtness.
Since two days, my display backlight is dimmed to a brightness which is lower than the usual lowest brightness mode. While using my phone, the backlight started flickering, so the brightness switched between normal brightness and very dimm, then the flickering stopped in the dimm mode. Every now and then, the display starts flickering again, then stops flickering again, in this dimm mode.

I noticed that the brightness slider in the settings menu still influences my display brightness, however it only changes the brightness from veryvery dim to very dim. I disassembled my phone display module and checked the screws like suggested here . However, this did not change a thing. Anyone else that experiences this issue?


I am not a FP3 owner myself yet, but on my FP2 I recall the “adaptive brightness” to cause flickering on my phone, and seemingly a lot of others reporten the same issue. Try to switch it off and see if the problem still occurs?

Hi Seagull, thank you for the suggestion. To be able to see my display, I switched off the adaptive brightness allready, unfortunatly it doesn’t change a thing…

I am in contact with FP service too, trying to find a solution, if I have any news I’ll post an update here too.

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