Rainbow pixelised screen


just to share and see if it happens for you
My FP3 fell from my pocket (1m hight) then I got a rainbow pixelised screen…

After disassemble/reassemble the screen, still pixels…
I was very disapponted because it very fell not strongly at all (already experienced a worst fall) and was about to buy a new screen (90€!).

But on the forum I saw that on FP2 similar screens can occure when the screen is not properly assemble. So I tried to twist my FP3 a bit in different ways to see if it can “reconnect” something… And it worked !!

The solution was when I twisted the two small sides in oposite way (one hand on each side in landscape view and turn left hand and right hand on opposite side).

Does anyone axperienced that ?
Hope it will last… I’ll let you know.


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