Fairphone 3 coloured pixelated screen won't revert back to normal!


I have the same problem as these :

When it started I could press on the spot and get it working again. Then 1 time that didn’t work, so I took it apart and cleaned it, put it together and it was good again.
This time however, even cleaning the contacts with alcohol hasn’t changed it.
As it’s one of the few parts that can’t be replaced is my phone cactus?
If so, as the rest works completely is there a way to get my contacts etc off it

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The screen is an integrated part of the [display module] which can be replaced

However it may be a problem with the core module which although replaceable is not a user-replaceable part and will cost some #200


How do I check to see if its the core module or the screen?

Get hold of a known working screen maybe


You write that you pressed down on the screen. Have you tried lightly twisting the phone? That usually fixes it for me (temporarily). Basically hold the top and bottom parts and gently turn them in different directions while the pixelated pattern is on the screen


Hey everybody,

I have exactly the same problem. The twisting actually also for me showed the normal screen again, but just for a second before going back to pixelated. Also now the touch screen does not seem to work even when the normal screen is back for a second.

Any other sign if that could be the display or the core module? Other then trying a working screen?

More likely just the contacts.

if you are out of warranty, dismantle, clean and reassemble.



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