✏ FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist

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FP2 and FP3 are modular phones, so below is a list of existing official & community created modules as well as a wishlist for modules. This is a #wiki, feel free to edit and improve it. You can add features you’d like to see directly to the wishlist, or discuss them in a separate topic or in the meta discussion for this wiki first.

You can quickly link to this topic with the #moduleslist tag.

:information_source: If you want to know how to exchange a module see #disassemble.

Existing Modules

Official FP3 Modules

and what they contain

Official FP2 Modules

and what they contain

Community created FP3 Modules

  • none so far

Community created FP2 Modules

Modules Wishlist

General wishes:

  • future updates to the modules with (then) current components (i.e. better camera, faster processor, more RAM, USB-C etc.)
  • cheaper versions of the existing modules with lower specs, to make phone more affordable
  • alternative hardware components that allow software freedom. E.g. a i.MX6, OMAP4/5 or Allwinner chipset to allow the installation of Replicant. A OMTP Headphone mod. (tiny switch on the PCB) (see this topic)

Specific improvements:

Added features:

  • NFC (FP2)
  • keyboard
  • optical image stabilizer (OIS) for the camera; especially to improve taking videos.
  • fingerprint sensor (FP2)
  • hardware switches for phone service, camera & microphone
  • Hifi sound module replacement (better signal/noise ratio)
  • built in projector
  • MHL (see discussion)
  • alternative E-reader display (discuss here)
  • programmable remote control (infrared/radio emitter/sensor) e.g. for parking doors, TVs, cameras, …
  • Wireless charging
  • additional sensors: barometer, temperature, sonar, radiation
  • black-light (UV)


  • back with a built in flip-cover
  • not symetric cover (striations on one half) to help guessing how you hold the phone when you don’t see it
  • (extensible) Solar Panel on the backside and/or integrated in the screen
  • a waterproof built-in case (see discussion)
  • emergency button for elderly people


Wishes for future Fairphones

  • (internal space for) built-in exchangeable modules
  • support for/of Project Treble (Android Oreo) (discuss here)