External charger for the FP2/3

Hello, is anyone still interested in an external battery charger for the fp2, maybe the New fp 3 ?
I could realise this idea quite easily, as a side project to my New bottom module, which still needs a New Revision.
I could do that if there’s demand for such a product, price would be 20-30€, depending on the demand.


Question regarding terminology … it’s not something like the readily available universal external battery chargers?

No, it’s specificaly for the FP, the universal ones also don’t monitor the battery Temperatures, which could in theory be dangerous if the battery overheats, they also have a different charging current.


I’d actually love one for each FP model. Or each that you make one for.

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I don’t know, I could make the PCB universal and just print different cases. I would need a fp1 and fp3 battery then, or at least borrow one, I don’t like the ones where you can slide the contacts, as you could easily damage the battery by accidentally sliding them and creating a short circuit. My charging IC has all the important safety features, including over current, over voltage and most importantly over temperature protection, I would make it so you can plug it in via u USB or USB C


How many people are there, that would actually buy one ? I know I’m known for doing stuff like that, but that stuff costs monney. I have to be sure that when I spend my time and monney in that project, that there will actually be people out there buying it.


Sorry, probably not. I did look into spare batteries & external chargers for my FP3, but I ended up buying a power bank (which I have yet to use - getting great battery life so far :sunglasses:)

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It’s a great offer, but I spent way too much time on my phone this morning, browsing the internet and playing games, and when I finally stopped the battery was at 92% still. I doubt it’s necessary for the FP3 :slight_smile: There’s always the option of buying an extra battery directly from Fairphone, I suppose. That way you’d be sure to have a similarly fair product, which might not be the case with powerbanks.

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How can I reach you more directly to have more information on your project ?

Thank you,

You can PM me and if you want to we can exchange email over PM because I’m usually quicker to respond there

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I’m sending my email to your Twitter pm (because I haven’t the basic status yet on this forum to be able to send pm)

I’m sorry but I don’t have twitter, nor Facebook etc.

I’m definitely interested in it. I don’t own a FP yet, but the availability of an external charger might be what finally drives me into buying one.

One of the best things about having a removable battery (even if a removable battery is the least awesome features of a FP) is being able to have a spare one. Doubles you battery life at the cost of turning your phone off.

However, this is only possible if you have an external charger that can charge your battery. That was the first thing I bought when I had an LG G5. If you must use your phone, then you might as well have one battery only and always charge and use that one without removing it.

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I am interested in a Charger for the Fairphone 3 Akku.
The Idea being that I would like to charge a spare Akku on my Solar Panel while still using the Phone.
So I’m hoping enough People will motivate You to build such a Device.


I am interested in this external charger for my FP2. I bought a second battery and would like to be able to recharge it and keep it available quickly. Is your proposal still relevant? Which price?

If it somehow doesn’t work out here, this generic charger works for my Fairphone 2 batteries (just as a reference, there are other sellers and brandnames for it, this thing has been around for years with the same design) … https://www.ebay.de/itm/203073134373.


Thank you very much

I’m interested by this kind of external charger. Is it still relevant?

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