First 3d printed transparent Slim Cover

Moved from here to give this more attention.

This week, I printed the “FP2 SLA Slim Cover Back.stp” on my local FabLAB in Liège, Belgium.
We selected the transparent photopolymer resin.
The result is quite good, even if some sandpaper polishing is still needed… I’m happy of the result :smiley:
Here is some pictures:


This indeed looks great! I’ve been at a local company also, and they said that the transparent material either is too brittle or not very transparent. Guess i have to try again


I need to have one! Do you take orders :wink:


Plus a translucent blue one for me. :-:star_struck:

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Different question: what did it cost you? I tried 3dhubs, and, while only the single piece cover stp file worked for a quote, it was at 67€

@oli.sax what printer of your FabLab have you been using to achieve such a nice result? Any advice for other makers?

Hello ! I’m glad my little experiment aroused so much enthusiasm :smiley:

I will ask them next week if they could print a batch, like 10 or 20, then I could send them by (regular?) postal mail to interested people…

Unfortunately, on this specific 3D printer, only 3 color are available : grey, white and transparent…

The cost of using this 3D printer is 8€/hour and it took around 3h, so I paid 24€ (excluding the inscription fee).

It’s one of those 2 ones (have to check) : formlabs

It’s advised not printing perfectly vertical, but little inclined instead, to avoid some deformation at the edges.

A pending question is durability: I have no clue on how long this new cover will survive…
The guy was advising to protect it from UV, though, as the resin is polymerized with UV light in the 3D printer…


Hey, great! I’m in for one.


This would be great! I’d be in!

I’m also interested! :star_struck:

Jep, me too.
(20 Chars)

oh yes, i’d be interested as well!

I’m in for one too! It really looks fantastic.

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I’d be interested too

I really would love to have one too, as I miss my old transparent one.
Yet …

That sounds like not to take it out in the sun or leave it lying anywhere outdoors.
I just hope for you, that it nevertheless will last; but as my slim case looks like new, I will skip this opportunity.

My experience with the black from formlabs 2 is that it will harden over time and become more brittle. Keeping it from the sun won’t stop the process, but having it exposed will speed it up.

Must say it looks absolutely awesome! Makes me miss my old transparent case.

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I would also love one!

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Im intrested I want one too.

I am also interested!

I hope, that over at FP headquarters you are following this thread :wink: (Just kidding!)

I guess, if we would make a poll, there would be quite a lot of people wanting a transparent cover again. I know, that I do miss it. And it really was a quite unique feature.
Of course - in my opinion - the UV-vulnerabilty mentioned above is a no-go. But I guess that’s due to the printing process and no issue for regular production.