Design files for Fairphone 2 Cover Released


I am happy to tell you all I just published design files to Github for the Fairphone 2 cover.

You can use these to create your own cases and modify them to fit your needs.
The files are released under an CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

I add a zip to this post with the files, but for the latest versions, make sure to check the WeAreFairphone page on Github.


Well in that case I’ll deposit this Christmas wish here:



Could you also make sure STL files are exported? It would make it easier for people to directly print, or use tools like blender, or other CAD like software. Probably the tool the cases were initially designed can export to STL

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Translucent blue is the color of desire… :heart_eyes:


I’ve created STL file for anyone interested here

I’ve printed few tests.
The camera part is a bit problematic because if printed flat, you need to use support which is pain to get it clean afterwards. Though the inside of the case is printed nice which means the phone would easily snap.
If you print the cover standing, you will most probably have some overhang and you won’t be able to print things like the one @paulakreuzer suggested.

Atm. I’m working on flattening the back of the cover so that it can be printed without support while lying flat.

Also need to check the proper scaling. PLA usually shirks when printing so you need to adjust the size of the print. Usually I was scaling to 102% but thats too big. Printing without scaling is too small.


That’s so incredible awesome! Thank you so much!

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I want to try printing the case completely laying on it`s back but for that I will kill the small hump at the speaker area :smiley: Thats avoiding a lot of work removing the support-structure :slight_smile:

And what do you mean does this look right for you?


Cool, now the next step would be a bigger cover to fit in a bigger battery and a bigger battery of course :slight_smile:

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Changed the files to fit to my pcb :slight_smile: should work and was pretty easy with the stp-files :slight_smile:

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That is a very nice and appreciated move of FP.

Anyway now since the data is free for use it should not only be used to simply produce more covers with different color combinations, but also slightly trimming with open issues should be done as well.
E.g. headphone jack does not fit reliable with all available plugs out there. Also volume up/down could work more precise. Of course space for extensions should be considered.

Good luck and happy designing folks.


Well, I know next to nothing about 3D printing, but I read there’s also the possibility for translucent printing. Anyone tried printing a translucent back cover?


Have a look at the other pictures - there are some attempts in printing it transparent.


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Hi there, here is a print in Onyx black (carbon fibre filament) using the Markforged printer.

How does one print the rim and what material do you recommend?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Hi all.
Just shared a design for a 3D printed case (based on the original design files) with included battery over here:


Nice. Looks a bit like a transformer robot. Tried using a flexible material?

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No, I just tried PETG for the temperature resistance and flexibility/resistance. I might try TPE in a while, but have no short term project on it. I suppose that flexible material should be printed rather at 100,5% or a bit less than at 100,6%scale so it fits more snug.
If you want to try, I’d be pleased to read your feedback :slight_smile:

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