First 3d printed transparent Slim Cover

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Sadly, I’ll have to pass for now - I do need a case that is reasonably robust!


Sorry for the late reply. I’d still be in if the offer still stands.


The “old” transparent covers were made of polycarbonate (PC). This polymer is known for its outstanding ability to resist mechanical shock and UV light. This is why PC is a commonly used material for motor cycle helmets. Visors are almost exclusively made of PC.

The strength of PC comes with higher melting temperatures, which makes it harder to 3D printer. But i just learned that professional 3D printing machines are able to handle poly carbonate well:

Maybe it is worth looking for a 3D-shop that can print this particular material.


The material might be, but the old transparent covers were not exactly known for their outstanding resistance.


Hopefully new ones will be…


Was it really the transaprent material, that was prone to breaking?
From my experience it was just the connection between the polycarbonate part and the “rubbery” part, that came apart. The transparent part itself was firm and durable in my case.

As the new covers are of a different design, this change of material might do the trick.


Yes, I think so too…the two materials not keeping together is the problem in my transparent case.


did anyone here already scratch on fairphone.com?


Well people did here:


Which has now been followed up by this and this. But yeah, printing your own is still cooler.


@oli.sax If you already have triggered the batch-print or need my order to get the batch printed, I’ll still take one.
In case you won’t need my order, I’d like to cancel it in favor of one from Fairphone, that I would co-order when I need a new battery, for example.

Just let me know: if you already planned / ordered / paid something, I’ll keep my word and still take & pay one - no discussion about that.


Hi @BeMiGro !
I didn’t planned / ordered anything yet, I was planning to do that next (long) weekend. So you don’t owe me anything. Thanks for you message anyway, I appreciate that you want to keep your engagement ! :smiley:

I’m happy there is now an official transparent cover ! Eventually it’s a good thing I took my time before printing a batch of self-made UV-resin covers… Hopefully the official ones will be more resistant, and with 2-year warranty :slight_smile:


In that case I will also go for the official one when the battery is available again. But I really want to thank you for your kind offer!!


The cover looks really sick man!


@oli.sax It looks excellent. Shame to hear the material isn’t so resistant to falls, maybe some other materials would be worth trying?

How did you print the buttons?


I think he just used the black rim (including the buttons) from an existing slim case. But if you want, you can even carefully remove the buttons (including the transparent rubber strips they are connected with) from the black rim and attach them to a new rim.


As urs said, I printed only the back of the “slim cover”, and kept the button from my existing one.
But in the 3D drawings that are provided by fairphone, there is also the buttons so they could be printed!


Hi Oli! Good suggestion to try the other model. Unfortunately the other 3d drawing is a single component. Do you know of a way to separate the shape into separate components in say Autodesk Fusion 360?

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