Making an extension-PCB with capacitive buttons for FP2

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Here you can see the result of printing the edited case files :slight_smile:

The pcb is just fitting perctly into my designe :slight_smile:

But what do you think? :slight_smile:

:pencil2: Gallery of cool pics found on the forum

Very cool @Cherry97 I appreciate your good work!


Great work! I enjoy following this development. :smiley:

I hope that the #communityportal will soon be able to promote these #hardware:diy hacks. Maybe you can even team up with @jayy and build a proper 3D-printed case for the QI charger extension.


@Amber thanks !! That`s allways nice to hear !! :slight_smile:


btw: I just stumpled upon the case design files from Fairphone itsself:


Yep, that’s been announced here: :wink:


Hey Cherry,
this project is really cool! If I would have a FP2, I would order one module from you, but I am still on FP1 :wink:


haha thanks but keep going with FP1!! :smiley: I did so with my LG G3 :stuck_out_tongue:


How l-lewd! :grimacing:
Put that thing away! Yule poke your eye out!


Thats Kind of hard… But next time I will use a smaller clock, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone interessted to get a cap. touch PCB ? :slight_smile:
Code is fully working and touch is working smoothly :slight_smile:
Everything soldered up: 30 € (includes shipping)
With 3d-printed case: 35 € ( includes shipping, support not removed)

Text me if you want one and better be fast it’s the last one I have :slight_smile:

Edit: Last one is gone !! :slight_smile:


Texted :wink:
(20 chars)


just soldered the board for you and now I’m programming it!! @Amber
This is what it looks right:


Hey, I received my parcel today! Thanks @Cherry97! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work on my FP2 running Lineage OS, but I quickly assembled another FP2 from the austrian fairphoners’ #spareparts stock and there (with standard FP OS) it works neatly. Only after playing with it a bit the phone started to reboot periodically.

I haven’t gotten around to test this much further as I’m currently sick and also I didn’t want to strain the spare parts too much.

But I’ll definitely take it with me to the internal austrian fairphoners meeting in January, so the others can try it there.


I had the same problem with lineage but with normal OS it worked for me :dizzy_face:
I also tested it on my phone :thinking:
Hmm thats strange … :thinking:
I’m 100% sure that the hardware I send you is okey :thinking: maybe the otg-service of the phone is crashing ?
Can you check the log ?

I hope you convalesce!!


Can’t wait! :heart_eyes:


That of course might, but must not be caused by the extension-PCB, as I experience that kind of unwanted behaviour as well with my standard FP2 with FPOS. Haven’t been able to put it down to something special, but, as it so far settles after a while, I don’t bother too much. :wink:


Yeah sure but it would be super if it works without a problem :smiley:


Over the weekend the problem with the reboots has occured also for me …
But I found out the fix for this problem !! :slight_smile:
I manually installed Android 5.1 and it seems to work :slight_smile:

But the curious thing is, that the phone didn´t crash on 6.0 when it was charging … I really don´t get why…

@paulakreuzer maybe you want to try this :smiley:


I think I’ll try ubuntu first. :wink:

PS: On ubports it also causes reboots…