Making an extension-PCB with capacitive buttons for FP2

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Curious... 🤔 Who here has used a Fairphone the longest

Currently I’m working on a project for my PF2. I designed a PCB to add cap. buttons to the back of my phone. To make it all useable I also have to make a custom case to keep all in place :slight_smile:

I hope you have some advices or comments on this project !!
If you need any information feel free to ASK ! :slight_smile:

I try to blog frequently on my hackaday-page and in this tread!

Greetings from Bavaria !!


Depending on your location in Bavaria, you might be able to team up with the local #fairphoneangels or at least “use” them as testers. :grin:


If I don`t mess up my pcbs to much, someone could get the 3d one from the Aisler-package :slight_smile: but thats future stuff … :smiley:


First try of a case for the FP2. I will print it this night !! :slight_smile:


What are you going to do with the additional buttons? Any plans/apps already?


LG also provided the buttons with secondary uses. You can long-press the volume-down button to launch the camera and the up button to open LG’s note-taking app, QuickMemo. When the camera is open, you can long-press the keys to start continuous shooting.


Best would probably be customizable buttons. :wink:


Primary I wanted to use them for volume up/down and wake screen but like Stefan said there could be several options how or for what you can use them that you can adapt your phone to your needs :slight_smile:


Cool idea @Cherry97.
Are you able to solder these extPCBs by yourself?
If not feel free to ask.


Should be no problem, I allready worked with SMD and reflow so I think I can do it :slight_smile: but thanks for asking!! :blush: @ElKrasso


Did you had the chance to disassemble the bottem module? I try to replaye the microphone. Have two modules where they are broken, and I dont like the idea to put the into the garbage just for one broken part. But I cant find any parts wich are matching the data written on the mems. (S1655; 4617) Do you have any idea.


No not really… i have my fairphone for about a week vor so :smiley: but I replaced the mic in my LG g3 in a funky way :joy_cat: you can find the pictures in my hackaday-channel :slight_smile:


Do you have a photo of the footprint ? Maybe you can find a microphone with the same one :thinking:


References please!!! :sweat_smile:


Ahh I forgot… => https://hackaday.io/project/27434-repairing-the-microphone-of-an-lg-g3


Got my package Form Aisler !! Can’t wait to solder it :slight_smile:


I already checked the foodprint. There are a lot of mems with different specs availlabe.
So I need the exact specs of the original one to find a spare one. :-/


Did some soldering !! :slight_smile:
Also did some basic measurements and it looks quite good :sunglasses:


Touch is working so far !! :slight_smile:

And by the way this project is one for a contest in Germany called "JugendForscht ", a contest for science loving young people. I also have to write a domcumentation and make presentation for this :slight_smile:

If anyone is interessted to get a PCB or the hole thing soldered up, please tell me. You can get it for the costs of materials and shipping :slight_smile:


I think it would be great to have one for the Austrian Fairphoners to show it to other people! What do you think @Stefan @paulakreuzer @werner_noebauer @EvaS?
But how much would it cost?