FP2 Printed Cases : 3D models

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I want to integrate this PCB to the back of the phone …


Just a short experience from me:

Told a colleague to print the 3D casing available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1806407 for me.
He printed it with PLA and I can now definitly say to NOT use PLA for the case, it was nearly impossible to attach it to the phone, even with it being in 2 parts. Also, not sure if the printer was the fault or the model, but the case was a bit too small in length.

If you decide to use this 3D model yourself I recommend to print it in a more flexible material, like TPU/TPE or Nylon.

I’ll definitly look more into 3D printed cases soon, I quite like the way the Slim Case is built and I think could be recreated for 3D printing. But well, I still don’t have my own 3D printer, which sucks.


I allready have a spool TPU at home !! :slight_smile:
In the github-page of keesj I have found an FreeCad-file of a case, which I imported into Fusion 360 :slight_smile: I`m adding the holes/mountings for the physical buttons … Any idea what method would be the best for the buttons ?


I’d assume the buttons are best made as individual components as well, guess that PLA/ABS is most suited here. For stability you could try to incorporate some sort of mounting mechanism around the button holes.

Then again I don’t really have any experience in that regard, but taking a look at maybe other 3D printable cases for several other phones to maybe get an idea for a suitable design.


Yeah I plan to do so !!
Maybe in a few days I can show a prototype :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s why I was warning about printing it with stiff materials in the summary and in the print setting notes. I guess I have to emphasize this even more. And don’t use nylon as well… still too stiff. The case being too short shouldn’t be an issue of the model. I’ve printed it many many times lately and the size always was right. But there’s one tiny part on top which has to get clipped off with a plier or tounge . I removed that part on the most recent version of the model (which I haven’t uploaded yet) but I hope it’s easy to spot the collision when trying the cover anyway.


I don`t know if this works properly…

@ungutknut I thought so that you have spend a lot of time doing your designes and the testprints… But the result of your work looks really great !!


This looks great. You’re making it in one piece? Please upload a picture when you’re done printing it. I’m really curious how this will turn out.


No no there are two peaces :smiley: i will do so !! :slight_smile:


Not fitting… But still a progress :smiley:


Thanks for the pic!

So you were printing it in upright position as well? What’s your plan about the buttons? As a 3d-printing nerd I’m also quite interested in what material/printer/etc you were using; would you mind sharing some information about how you made it?

However, looks good already.


I redesigned most of the case and started printing again :slight_smile: I think the result will be much better because I also changed alot oft settings in Cura :slight_smile:

Aaand I try to include the buttons directly in the sides oft the case :slight_smile:

I’m using eSun flex which is TPU.
The printingtemperature was 205°C and I’m using my Ultimaker 2 for my prints :blush:
And yeah upright is the very best way !! :smiley:


New designe is printing right now :slight_smile: we will know more in 12 h :smiley:


Print finished but I’m not at home so…


Case is fitting just perfekt but buttons dont work…


Got some more detail on that issue? What are you printing the buttons out of?

Also, another question: Once you have a proper working casing, would you be willing to sell printed 3D casings to people on here? (Of course not in huge quantities, there’s only so much one printer can do.)

I’d assume that we have a few people here who are interested in such a case, but lack a 3D printer. (Especially with printing TPU and such which requires you to have a heatbed as well.)

Keep in mind the cost calculation though, to make it fair for you too, mind the filament, useage of the printer and electricity when finding a price later on. :smiley:


Maybe really low numbers…

I wanted to integrate the buttons directly in the case … So the case is really only consisting of two peaces …



That`s awesome!! Thank you so much!

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