FP2 Printed Cases : 3D models

I’ll soon be the proud owner of a Fairphone 2 and I’m thinking about having a 3D printed case.
Since I have access to a 3D printer, I’d like to print it myself so I was wondering if someone had some 3D models to share so I could play with and build my own.
I was thinking anyway about sharing my future models so we could start having some interesting community stuff going on… :slight_smile:


For reference for others: there is a 3D case that you can print at Shapeways (discussed here), but the model files aren’t available at this point.

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Im looking for a 3D Model of FP2.
Is that part of the opensource plans of Fairphone or do i have to make my own?
Regards, Novski

Did you use the forum search before posting? :wink:

your nasty. yes i did. :triumph:
dvl is a privat guy that doesn’t like to share, but Fairphone is a company that “could” share… so i asked explicit.
I made a separate post because it has a separate question.
you let me down now the second time. Don’t dear to increase…

Quoting the welcome banner:

There was no personal restrictions intended. I am just applying regular forum practice.

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Just remembered, @keesj also showed a picture of a 3D printed case somewhere on the forum, but I can’t find that post. I can find the picture on his github, as part of a project that may contain some files that could be useful.

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pretty late now but I made one which is still work in progress but already works nicely:

If you print it please let me know.


That cover looks good. Only the surface on the backside could be smoother.

Thanks. And yes, you’re right - I had troubles getting the print off the bed (IF PET-G sticks it sticks very very well), so I had to use different tools and raw force for removal which produced some visible traces. Let’s just consider it as a stress-test which the cover has survived ^^

Furthermore my print-bed material is textured so there’ll never be super smooth surfaces.

Printing it on a glass plate (which is quite common anyway) should fix the problem for everyone who wants to reproduce the cover.

edit: Just an update:

I have my wooden phone in use for about two weeks so far and it works just fine. Only massive drawback is that I’m not able to open it without destroying the cover… so my FP2 is almost as good as an iPhone now.

But I’ll work on a closing mechanism someday. I just have no idea how do design it to be printable, sturdy and not bulky at the same time. If anyone has an idea, feel free to share it with me.


The releasing of the official slim back cover files could also be a possibility, i hope, that Fairpone will release the files one day. There was a discussion about in the thread New slim back cover where @Douwe mentioned that he would ask around…

So i hope, one day we could print or modify the slim back cover by our own, that would be great!

We currently do not have plans to publish our case designs. The files are meant to be used on specialized, non-consumer, molding machines and are therefor of very little use for the general audience. The data of the slim cases can’t be used unless you want to make a set of three double-shot moulds, and spend 60k and about 4 months of your live.

We are currently working on a simpler case design for consumer use, adaptation and modification. These files will be released under a permissive license.


Isn’t it possible to release the model? If it was designed in blender or something, you should be able to export it to stl.

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I printed this one in yellow, just received it by post, the camara switch doesnot work, i wil have to fix that, do some whittling, and you keep some gap width on the front between the two parts.

Sad to hear that. I have to admit, also on my prints the camera switch (as well as the on/off switch) isn’t positioned perfectly - but I always got it to work so I didn’t bother changing something. I gotta move it to a better position sometime. Thanks for the feedback.

The gap should be minimal to non existend so I guess something else might be wrong.

Would you mind sharing a picture of the case? How was it printed (FDM, SLA, …) and what kind of material was used? You’ve written, you received it per post - so you didn’t print it yourself? I hope you haven’t spent too much money on it.

I’ve updated the design again:

The camera-button should work better now and some minor details have changed as well. And I now have two versions available: blank and with some sort of a logo (both made with laywood-flex; finally got this material to print with good-enough layer adhesion).

Is it actually legal to publish a design with the original fairphone-logo on the backside of the cover?


Great work! Great Progress!
Maybe could be interesting to bring these two projects together: selfmade cover with integrated wireless charger from here Upgrade FP2 with QI wireless charging through expansion port

Did anyone ever tried to use the slim case front part and print a fitting back part? Could it be possible or is the front part too filigrane?

@ungutknut: I think that the Fairphone logo is bound by this:

All Web Content of the Website is licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution- Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC.SA 4.0), unless stated otherwise. For more information on the license, please visit CC BY-NC 4.0 Deed | Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International | Creative Commons.


Your appearence on Thingieverse is not commercial (unlike Shapeways), is that correct? In this case there shouldn’t be a problem to use the Fairphone logo.

You could of course always use the old logo, or the avatar:


Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll make one with a FP-logo then. Maybe. Actually I think both (old and new) logos look pretty boring/unambitios but perhaps it’s better than nothing at all.

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Maybe you like one of the FP1 designs: https://www.thingiverse.com/Fairphone/designs