Fairphone 2 3D printed casings available

Please, how does it compare to the original case ?
Is it thinner/lighter ? different material ?
Or just a different choice of colors ?

And I was also wondering, do you think it might be possible to make metal or wooden cases ? (sorry if this is a stupid question, but I would enjoy it :slight_smile: )


I do this (with giant BETA tags everywhere!) for people that are not afraid to try and want to help me with development. If that is not the case I can shut it all down no problem, it’s not like I am making any money out of this while i am investing A LOT in this.

Thicker, heavier, different material (3d printed nylon), all the colours of the rainbow.

Sure, but I am not going to do it :wink:


Tomorrow I get new casings, I assume those are totally awesome in every possible way.


Out of beta, this fits like a glove and everything seems to be perfect.

If you want, get it here. Don’t forget to go for a funky colour combo!


Looks great. Would you like to share those designs under a free license? (It’s perfectly OK if you don’t :smile:)

At some point yes, but not at this point.


The covers look great. If FP didn’t offer color choices by themselfs I would go for it.

(But I love the transparent cover too much, sry ;))

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No offence taken, the transparent cover is epic.

This casing I mainly developed for outfitting hardware extensions at a later point. But also some people like to have a purple+yellow phone, always good to add possibilities!


Very much looking forward to the first use of the expansion port in the wild :slight_smile:

Nice going @dvl!


Congratulations! :smile:
The two parts do not look attached one to another : they are very tight to the phone so they do not move ?
Would you post a video of dressing on / getting off the case ? :smile:
Again bravo!

did very small sneaky update on the file, vibration motor sometimes hit casing, now it won’t anymore

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I ordered the 2 parts in 2 different colors, let’s be funky!

I’m not very happy with the standard FP2 casing, it’s very difficult to install. Nobody will believe you can change the screen in 2 minutes when you can’t even easily set the casing…

Now with added battery compartment!

Just compartment for carying extra battery, no charging or whatever. For those that want to pack some extra juice on the go!

In same shapeways shop


Any other requests for designs? Maybe some patterns?

I think splitting the cover in 3 colors would be cool, so you’d be able to do (some) flags with it.

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Loving the idea!

But with current design that would result in an unstable fitting casing :’(

At some point shapeways experimented with doing full-colour sls 3d printing, I made a design that looked way funky, but the quality of the print was terrible and they stopped the program…


Nice work!

2 questions:

  • do you think it can be made as slim as possible around the screen
  • do you have any infos about the material (with colors) regarding harmful substances?

Keep it up!

This is as slim as i can make it without loosing too much stiffness. Besides, I like the way the colours break up the front side, makes it less of a black rectangular glass slab like any other phone.

The material is nylon, don’t know about the colours. Check shapeways.com and go to Materials tab, lots if info there about how it is made.

Oh come on…! Not that hard when you get the hand of if… But these look great…

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OMG 5 orders total. People are going crazy over 3D printed stuff.