Making an extension-PCB with capacitive buttons for FP2

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Touch is working so far !! :slight_smile:

And by the way this project is one for a contest in Germany called "JugendForscht ", a contest for science loving young people. I also have to write a domcumentation and make presentation for this :slight_smile:

If anyone is interessted to get a PCB or the hole thing soldered up, please tell me. You can get it for the costs of materials and shipping :slight_smile:


I think it would be great to have one for the Austrian Fairphoners to show it to other people! What do you think @Stefan @paulakreuzer @werner_noebauer @EvaS?
But how much would it cost?


PCB costs about 10 € (Aisler), Atmega32u4 about 5€ (conrad) + caps and resistors + shipping => about 20€ ? :thinking:


I think we can afford that. :slight_smile:


That’s great work! Now with the released cover files you can easily create a fitting cover!

:pencil2: Back-PCB Wiki (Ideas, Tutorials, Showcases, ...)

That saved me hours of tinkering !! :smiley:

State of the project: PCB is working :+1: Volume up / down is working with the phone (and also computers :smiley: ) :+1: case is in construction :slight_smile:

Edit: Case construction finished :smiley:

Edit: Code for basic functionality finished :smiley:

Design files for Fairphone 2 Cover Released

Here you can see the result of printing the edited case files :slight_smile:

The pcb is just fitting perctly into my designe :slight_smile:

But what do you think? :slight_smile:

:pencil2: Gallery of cool pics found on the forum

Very cool @Cherry97 I appreciate your good work!


Great work! I enjoy following this development. :smiley:

I hope that the #communityportal will soon be able to promote these #hardware:diy hacks. Maybe you can even team up with @jayy and build a proper 3D-printed case for the QI charger extension.


@Amber thanks !! That`s allways nice to hear !! :slight_smile:


btw: I just stumpled upon the case design files from Fairphone itsself:


Yep, that’s been announced here: :wink:


Hey Cherry,
this project is really cool! If I would have a FP2, I would order one module from you, but I am still on FP1 :wink:


haha thanks but keep going with FP1!! :smiley: I did so with my LG G3 :stuck_out_tongue:


How l-lewd! :grimacing:
Put that thing away! Yule poke your eye out!


Thats Kind of hard… But next time I will use a smaller clock, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone interessted to get a cap. touch PCB ? :slight_smile:
Code is fully working and touch is working smoothly :slight_smile:
Everything soldered up: 30 € (includes shipping)
With 3d-printed case: 35 € ( includes shipping, support not removed)

Text me if you want one and better be fast it’s the last one I have :slight_smile:

Edit: Last one is gone !! :slight_smile:


Texted :wink:
(20 chars)


just soldered the board for you and now I’m programming it!! @Amber
This is what it looks right:


Hey, I received my parcel today! Thanks @Cherry97! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work on my FP2 running Lineage OS, but I quickly assembled another FP2 from the austrian fairphoners’ #spareparts stock and there (with standard FP OS) it works neatly. Only after playing with it a bit the phone started to reboot periodically.

I haven’t gotten around to test this much further as I’m currently sick and also I didn’t want to strain the spare parts too much.

But I’ll definitely take it with me to the internal austrian fairphoners meeting in January, so the others can try it there.