New Fairphone Case (requires New Bottom Module)

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I’m curently printing prototypes for the back case, but it could still take some time.

New Fairphone Bottom Module with an appropriate case

Now I finally have a prototype of a 3d printed case consisting of two halves made out of ABS and PMMA. I’m currently working on a flexible case made out of TPU


Here are some pictures, but please note that the design in a very early prototyping state and this is glued and doesn’t look very nice, but all of this can only improve in the future. The back is not very transparent, but with some tweaking I might get almost perfectly clear.


I finally have a working TPU case for the Fairphone, that could really healp to absorb impacts and it’s made out of a solid piece, so it won’t fall apart like the old cases


This is probably as clear as I can get it


It looks awesome! Great progress! What is the future plan for the Bottom Module? will you sell it with a suitable case?


Maybe @oli.sax’s experience with his 3D-printed transparent case can be useful for you, too.


I currently use this case. It is made out of TPU, a flexible filament, and is the bumper version of my normal TPU case. Its corners have infill in them and they can absorb impacts very well
Here is a list of my cases:

  • Single piece Hardcover

  • Hardcover ( transparent back )

  • TPU (normal)

  • TPU (bumper)

I will add new cases to this list as soon as they come available.


With some improvement to the slicer settings I got this result. It’s still TPU, but with a fine layer hight of 0.08mm and without the bumper-corners.