Current Support Status

Hey all,

A quick update from the support team. We are gaining on ya!

  • Current # of open tickets: 5117
  • Current first reply time for new tickets: 293 hours (average over last 7 days)

Thanks to the great help of @anon48893843 I hope to be able to share this information with you more often from now on.


Okay, I had to do a quick calculation: 293 days hours, that is only 12 days and 5 hours! :tada: :smiley:

Thank you, @TobiasF, for pointing out the mistake!

I have a few questions:

Is this number the number of tickets which were not read by support at all or are tickets included which are not solved yet?

Working hours or “real” hours?

Additional question: How long must defective devices or modules wait after arrival before they get a treatment by the repair center?


Well you have a lot of variance in your response time if the numbers here are correct… I am waiting since 1 2/3 month now for a replacement of my broken display (warranty) and i have not a single reply. I even wrote you a poem in the support ticket :cry:


Have you already sent your display?

Well, my display module arrived at Fairphone on the afternoon of 9 September 2016 and I got still no answer or package from them. That are already 319 hours. Ticket number is #119546. Is such a long processing time (>9 working days) normal for exchanging a display module, @Douwe and @anon48893843? Or went something wrong at Fairphone in my case?

I don’t think they need 9 days to change a module (obviously). The processing time does not only depend on when your phone arrives at Fairphone, but how long their internal queue is.

For instance, if they have 100 sent-in devices waiting for inspection and not each devices is as easy to repair as exchanging an obviously damaged (display) module, it might take quite some time until your device is being taken care of, even though it already arrived some days ago.

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nope, I am waiting for the support ticket to be replied.

Latest update.

Current # of open tickets: 5204
Current first reply time for new tickets: 170.13 hours (average over last 7 days)

As part of the team is now working on the newest tickets that come in, the average waiting time goes down. But as new tickets often need one or two more ‘touches’ before they are solved, the number of open tickets did not decline.


Douwe, I think you should consider how to enable people who have sent a request to Fairphone Support and no longer need it to be dealt with to withdraw their ticket. In order to test if that is already possible, I just submitted a token ticket (it states very clearly that it does not require a reply) and saw that there is no such automatic option yet.

So my suggestion would be that you

  • either technically enable “requesters” to withdraw/deactivate/delete their own ticket by themselves or
  • draw up and explain a way how requests that no longer require a reply can be closed/deleted by Fairphone Support; perhaps just asking for and collecting such “dead ticket” numbers would already be enough.

I am sure that with the long backlog of tickets you still have, there are probably hundreds of out-of-date ones that even those who sent them don’t need or even don’t want to be dealt with anymore. Enabling them to withdraw their tickets could help reduce the backlog a lot and allow to focus more on those requests which are really pressing.

As soon as such a way was announced, I would be happy to advertise it in our Facebook group.


Seems a Zendesk limitation (at least it was in 2014):
TLDR: unless there is an assignee, you can’t close your own ticket.

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Okay - after 3 weeks now I think the 293 hours are over, aren’t they? I wrote to the support at the 22nd of September and didn’t receive an answer up to now… It would be nice to use my phone as a “private” phone again (can only use it with the hands-free speakerphone - for everyone to hear, because the intern speaker seems to be broken) and moreover the phone doesn’t charge properly. (Ticket Nr. was #130470)
I just would like to have an update now and then how long I have to find new funny ways to charge my battery and to yell at my callers if I’m on the street when they call me (and I can’t hear them properly because of the broken speaker)…

New update.

Current # of open tickets: 3212
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 24 hours (average over last 7 days)


Very nice! :+1: Hope you guys are not doing too bad though.

@margoe Did you receive a response yet?


Yes, indeed, I did :slight_smile: I had to explain my problems further, I’ve heard nothing since then, but I sincerely hope that something is happening soon. :wink:

New update.

Current # of open tickets: 2872
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 24 hours (average over last 7 days)


New update.

Current # of open tickets: 2755
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 48 hours (average over last 7 days)


So, is 2500-3000 tickets kind of the baseline of open tickets at the moment? I mean, it takes at least a couple of days to resolve an issue as you’re waiting for responses back and forth, or even waiting for shipping or word for the repair center. In effect, the number of open tickets at some point will hover around [average number of new tickets per day] * [average number of days it takes to mark a topic as resolved] - is that where you’re at now?

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Hey, 48h for a ticket reply? I would be glad if this was true.
I opened a ticket for an order for new back covers that was not fulfilled within the last 4(!) weeks.
My ticket is still “open” after 9 days (216 hours).
At the moment I believe your support response time is not that good.
Any news about this?
Kind Regards

Well, the covers are not available yet, are they?
So I think there is nothing they can do for you right now… :wink: