Defective display spare part


One of my two fairphones has fallen and the glass was broken. I have bought a new display part but I have a big problem with my display part FP1 I received :

The touch screen does not work with the new display part (image and rotation screen works fine). I rolled back with my old display part and touchscreen is OK.

I have found why the supplied part I received does not work : the touchscreen digitizer ZIF connector is broken since the begining, when i touch it with my finder is not as “strong” than the old connector, the and is too much soft. It is fucked up !

I think the angle of failure was too pushed by the plastic packaging !

What could fairphone support do / help with this bad part I received ?

My fairphone glass is borken, this spared part is broken too, and I know that there is an out of stock for this part again, and I know that this piece/connector could not be changed on this part :frowning:

I hope is it possible to be refunded of the borken spare part :frowning: ?

Look at the pictures
look at the angle of failure was too pushed by the plastic packaging

I opened a issue ticket in zendesk 20 days ago is it normal that I have no answer ?

Could I return this defective parts by postmail to have an new parts outside this #~{^#~[`[{ plastic packaging that broke this connector ?

We cannot help you with this here because this is a community forum. You need to wait for an answer from Fairphone support.

Delays are normal, the average response time is still relatively high: