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Ok, I’ve truly had ENOUGH.
I bought my Fairphone in 2015 and to this date I’ve not had a usable phone.
I got a replacement recently but oh, surprise! It’s faulty too.
I submitted the return claim a few days ago and had no reply, confirmation email or anything else, so I logged in today to find that my return claim is sitting in drafts! IT WAS SUBMITTED THE FIRST TIME!!

I had to go through the whole process of filling in the form again. As the form says, I expect a reply within 48 hours.
I have to say that at this point what I want is a FULL REFUND which I’m entitled to according to European law as the replacement is also faulty.

and suddenly there are 2 return claims appearing. I really don’t know what to think anymore. If the first claim was submitted why did it suddenly appear as a draft AND how come I’ve had no confirmation or anything else?

Pity that you’ve had such bad luck with your phone and then also with your return claim. Things like that shouldn’t happen, but inthe end, Murphy’s Law cannot be eliminated.

To quote @freibadschwimmer from another thread:

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Yes, let’s blame Murphy’s law for bad after sales service, a bad product and a bad web system. While we’re at it we can also blame Murphy for a complaints system that makes you send an email and once you get no reply it makes you go to a public forum to list your claim number ?!?!?? Seriously?? what kind of system is this?

I also find all the support suggestions for problems that are clearly WIDESPREAD laughable. “Wiggle this or wiggle that” that would be great if I had bought a toy in a €1 shop but I’m afraid that is NOT the case. I payed a premium price for what I though was a premium product but that’s clearly not the case.

How can it be acceptable to still not have a usable phone after 10 months? Ahh! must be Murphy’s law.

Firstly: Do you use any Ad- or Script-Blockers in your browser (NoScript, Ghostery, AdBlock …)? They could cause unexpected behaviour on some websites, for instance if necessary scripts cannot be loaded/executed or certain browser operations are blocked. I realized that one of these prevents me from logging into my 12return account, so I disabled them for this particular page.

Secondly: Fairphone is barely to blaim for a system they rent from a service provider, namely 12return. I don’t know to what extent Fairphone can customize that software, but if the system itself has an error, it’s most likely the maintainer 12return who is to blaim.

Thirdly: It is absolutely reasonable for the support to suggest seemingly dull or stupid “first aid” actions. If you had worked in IT support (which I did professionally for a short time and am still doing on a hobby basis), you would know how utterly stupid some “problems” actually are and how many unnecessary tickets are created by issues which you can solve by absolutely simple actions (e.g. “unplug your whatever” or “reboot your device”).

Finally: If you consider 520€ a “premium price” and expect premium hardware and services, you obviously didn’t understand what Fairphone is about. Take a look at the cost breakdown of the Fairphone 2 to learn where the money goes.

For instance: Just because a certain degree of the phone’s price is invested for “green” projects and to reduce the exploitation of people, doesn’t make the product or it’s producer automatically better in technical terms or in terms of provided services.

And by the way:
Since you seem to read my “murphy’s law” statement as the explanation for everything, let me clearify:
It is NOT an explanation. Saying “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” simply means that in the end, there will always be that hand full of incidents, where - for whatever reason - the worst will happen (not saying that you are one of these). Even though, you might not be the only one having a bad time, I doubt that your case is any close to being common or usual.


my fp2 phone battery is bloating after 6 months. i have sent three emails to them, no reaction. they know it is dangerous, battery can explode. but who cares? what a pity that this great project is imploding now. but i will sue them, justice is also there for useres of sust.products!

To which address have you send your mail, on which dates?
Did you submit a request at Support? If so, did you receive a ticketnumber?

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i wrote on 6 sept and got nr
then no reaction and two other emails…

i have followed these discussions on the forum and no one seems to get answers or the new battery they are entitled to. really sorry bec i have been advertising fairphone widely… point is that i am not willing to
buy another phone as backup just bec fp doesnt deliver service!

FP support is clearing a backlog of support tickets now: Current Support Status (Last update 10.01.18)

I would suggest waiting some more days for a reply to your ticket, the average reply time is quoted as 12 days in that topic. Also, note that a backup battery is much cheaper than a backup phone, and can be bought at I agree though that you deserve a replacement under warranty rather than having to spend €20.16 + shipment for a battery.


ok thx a lot, i will wait a bit longer!

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A Fairphone 2 battery is bloating you say? Are you sure about it? How did you verify that it is indeed bloating?

Hi, my FP2 phone sometimes just switches off during charging - not nice when you charge at night and use the phone also as alarm… then I saw a test on youtube: put battery on flat table and see if it rotates when you give is a light sweep. on one side of my battery nothing happens, but the other side rotates fast. This seems to suggest bloating.

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Dear Fairphone-team,

I know that you are very busy but somehow I would very much like to get a reply to my requests.

One month ago I sended you the first one, later on I added a few details. Now, the phone is close to be unusable because of those stupid crazy touch inputs. I already tried all kinds of workarounds.

I would be very glad if you took a little bit of time to see what’s up with my Fairphone. My request has got the number #123887.

Thank you!



I totally forgot to thank you :kissing_heart: I got my phone back and it worked. YAY! (Now - 8 weeks later - I’ve got some new issues :disappointed:- but that doesn’t belong here… Here is a big thank you:slight_smile:)

I am waiting now for 1 2/3 month to get my broken display (warranty) replaced … no reply yet. The 12 days seem to be from another universe… :cry:

That is indeed a very long time. :frowning:

You can always give them a call. The contact information is on their support page, at the bottom.


I filed a ticket (#123980) on a broken bumper August 23rd, still haven’t heard anything from support. What’s happening?

(I also sent a reminder on September 18th.)

I sent a message to Support on September 4 (in two days that’s one month ago) saying that my phone is almost impossible to use because of various problems. Sent a reminder 16 days ago. Request #126973.

Still no answer at all. Sadly, I have completely lost my patience with Fairphone, and I used to be a huge fan.

You can speed up the process by calling them.

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Please take a look at the following two topics if you are experience issues with support requests: