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my fp2 phone battery is bloating after 6 months. i have sent three emails to them, no reaction. they know it is dangerous, battery can explode. but who cares? what a pity that this great project is imploding now. but i will sue them, justice is also there for useres of sust.products!

To which address have you send your mail, on which dates?
Did you submit a request at Support? If so, did you receive a ticketnumber?

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i wrote on 6 sept and got nr
then no reaction and two other emails…

i have followed these discussions on the forum and no one seems to get answers or the new battery they are entitled to. really sorry bec i have been advertising fairphone widely… point is that i am not willing to
buy another phone as backup just bec fp doesnt deliver service!

FP support is clearing a backlog of support tickets now: Current Support Status (Last update 10.01.18)

I would suggest waiting some more days for a reply to your ticket, the average reply time is quoted as 12 days in that topic. Also, note that a backup battery is much cheaper than a backup phone, and can be bought at I agree though that you deserve a replacement under warranty rather than having to spend €20.16 + shipment for a battery.


ok thx a lot, i will wait a bit longer!

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A Fairphone 2 battery is bloating you say? Are you sure about it? How did you verify that it is indeed bloating?

Hi, my FP2 phone sometimes just switches off during charging - not nice when you charge at night and use the phone also as alarm… then I saw a test on youtube: put battery on flat table and see if it rotates when you give is a light sweep. on one side of my battery nothing happens, but the other side rotates fast. This seems to suggest bloating.

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Dear Fairphone-team,

I know that you are very busy but somehow I would very much like to get a reply to my requests.

One month ago I sended you the first one, later on I added a few details. Now, the phone is close to be unusable because of those stupid crazy touch inputs. I already tried all kinds of workarounds.

I would be very glad if you took a little bit of time to see what’s up with my Fairphone. My request has got the number #123887.

Thank you!



I totally forgot to thank you :kissing_heart: I got my phone back and it worked. YAY! (Now - 8 weeks later - I’ve got some new issues :disappointed:- but that doesn’t belong here… Here is a big thank you:slight_smile:)

I am waiting now for 1 2/3 month to get my broken display (warranty) replaced … no reply yet. The 12 days seem to be from another universe… :cry:

That is indeed a very long time. :frowning:

You can always give them a call. The contact information is on their support page, at the bottom.


I filed a ticket (#123980) on a broken bumper August 23rd, still haven’t heard anything from support. What’s happening?

(I also sent a reminder on September 18th.)

I sent a message to Support on September 4 (in two days that’s one month ago) saying that my phone is almost impossible to use because of various problems. Sent a reminder 16 days ago. Request #126973.

Still no answer at all. Sadly, I have completely lost my patience with Fairphone, and I used to be a huge fan.

You can speed up the process by calling them.

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Please take a look at the following two topics if you are experience issues with support requests: