Accidentally entered TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and no idea what to do

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I need your urgent help, my phone was rebooting (by itself) and the next time I checked it, it showed a screen of the Team Win Recovery Project. I have no idea how I got there! When I go to “Reboot” and try to power off or choose “Recovery” it tells me “no OS is installed”. Help, what do I do?

Pull data using TWRP or backup mode?

TWRP is the recovery program installed on your phone.
Normally you would start it by starting or rebooting the phone with keeping Volume + pressed.

So first, take off the case from the phone and make sure the volume buttons are ok and not somehow stuck …

… then ignore that no OS warning for the moment and reboot anyway. Best case … your OS might just boot normally (can happen). Worst case … your OS does not boot and we know something’s wrong and can proceed from there.

No OS installed after Update

Seems to be back to normal! Thank you so much for your fast help!


Thanks! I had the same issue and got a bit stressed, but it worked for me as well!


My fp2 was unresponsive when twrp was active, but after i removed the battery and reinserted, it booted normally.