Accidentally entered TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and no idea what to do

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I need your urgent help, my phone was rebooting (by itself) and the next time I checked it, it showed a screen of the Team Win Recovery Project. I have no idea how I got there! When I go to “Reboot” and try to power off or choose “Recovery” it tells me “no OS is installed”. Help, what do I do?


TWRP is the recovery program installed on your phone.
Normally you would start it by starting or rebooting the phone with keeping Volume + pressed.

So first, take off the case from the phone and make sure the volume buttons are ok and not somehow stuck …

… then ignore that no OS warning for the moment and reboot anyway. Best case … your OS might just boot normally (can happen). Worst case … your OS does not boot and we know something’s wrong and can proceed from there.


Seems to be back to normal! Thank you so much for your fast help!


Thanks! I had the same issue and got a bit stressed, but it worked for me as well!