Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Yes if you check out the link provided by DeepSea you will see the problem has been acknowledged and Vodafone and Fairphone are working on it, alegedly :slight_smile:


I’m flabbergasted. Since a few days my FP3 ceased to display the caller number or name, if that is in the phone book. It just displays “Unbekannt” (unknown). The call connects OK, but I would prefer to known who is calling before I pick up.
With considerable fumbling, I put the SIM card in my old aka backup phone (it needs a form factor adapter for mini SIM) and called that. It did not have a problem. When I put the SIM card back in the FP3, the problem came back.

So it must be something in the FP3. I never heard about caller ID suppression for incoming calls. And that would probably happen on the provider side.

Any ideas apart from factory reset?

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Hi Arture, I moved your posting here because this is a well-known problem right now after the most recent Fairphone OS update for the FP3 and FP3+. You might scroll up a bit or go right to Sauerkraut’s reply to read about the state of things. This mostly seems to affect Vodafone customers.


Fairphone and Vodafone Germany (the only provider affected as far as we know) are working on a fix.

A factory reset will not help you. An Android “factory reset” will only delete your user data and the Apps you installed and their data. It will not roll back the OS to a prior version, in fact it will not touch the OS at all.

As for ideas … Can update 3.A.0129.20210805 be rolled back by switching the OS slot?


Hi everyone,

Thanks once again for flagging these issues. Our technical team has been investigating both the adaptive brightness, and the unknown caller ID issue in Germany, and have found the root causes for both. We’re currently working hard to implement these fixes as soon as possible.

Fixes for both of these will come in the next software update. In the software update after that one, we aim to re-introduce the improvement for display lighting so that it works as we envisioned.

Our sincere apologies to all those who have been affected, and thank you very much for your patience and feedback so far.


Adaptive brightness seems to be malfunctioning after this update. In the evening, it goes to zero, making it unreadable (too dark). Sometimes in the daytime, it drops brightness to zero but quickly goes back.

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If you swipe/scroll up to read the latest reply – from a Fairphone employee – just before yours, you will see that this issue will be addressed by the upcoming Fairphone OS update.


So does this mean the automatic brightness changes from the most recent update will be fully reversed (i.e. lowest brightness will be back to quite bright?) in a first step before a second attempt at fixing lowest brightness will be made in the later one?


@urs_lesse Regarding the adaptive brightness issue, in the upcoming software update we’ll reverse the recent changes made. We’ll then re-introduce this feature again in the update after that one.


Default lighting adjust episodically with out my input. When will this bug be addressed

Hello Rik, I moved your post here – see Rae’s update on these issues from today a few posts above:


What does that mean?
The way you write it, it could simply mean adaptive brightness is enabled, which is not a bug in itself.


Are there plans to prevent or limit these things for the future? For example by having a beta tester community? Or use a slower deployment of updates so that only a subset will get a buggy update. Then things like this brightness bug could be reverted before released to everyone. You can then find a solution without too many upset customers and then release a patched version when it’s ready. I think this would definitely be worth looking into. The least bugs you have, the happier people will be with their phones and the longer they’ll use them.


Yep, having the same issue. I’m unable to reinstall the OS.

you can use this one | by luksus42 for FP3 and copy the files into the linux-x86 directory.
(The binaries are taken from the previous release)

best regards.


These updates are staged rollouts (not all of the users will receive it immediatly at the same time); it takes some days until all the devices got the update.

So there is plenty of time to stop the rollout as soon as the first users contact the support with problems. So the software can be fixed and the rollout can be restarted again with the fix.

Some weeks ago I was asking about if the rollout was stopped and if, when it was stopped and how many people received the buggy update. There was no answer, so I assume that it was not stopped at all (just a guess).

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Great. The display issue is REALLY annoying. As soon as it gets to the evening I end up fighting with the phone continually!

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Sounds like disabling adaptive brightness and just swiping the brightness up and down a little here and there manually like in good old times would be the better plan then until the coming update. No need to fight :wink: .


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Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t understand how the automatic brightness setting works with the brightness slider . Today I accidentally moved it back all way in bright sunlight. I had to remove and replace the battery ( luckily one can do that with a FP​:wink:) to get a workable situation. Is this by design?:thinking:

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