Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Not sure if I understand correctly what you don’t understand – but automatic brightness can be disabled in Settings (on FP2 the relevant category is called Display).

To force a restart, holding down the power button for 10 seconds or so should also do the trick.

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I have the same problems with my FFP3 and hope they will be solved soon. As mentioned earlier in this chat, it is not possible to use the phone on business when the calling number is not shown.


Hi @kirsten1 Welcome to the forum.

In such a situation it may be worthwhile buying a monthly Pay As You Go SIM on a network that doesn’t have this problem, and the phone does have two SIM slots

This has been going on for a while now and is not the first time.

Hopefully an update will be available within a few days

I’m still waiting. :expressionless:


It will come next month, with the regular security updates.


See, that is what I call incompetent: First, they screw things up, and the users have to work around (if that was possible) for more than a month. And which bugs will come along with the next update? (Stay tuned!)

I fear bad things coming up for an FP4…


Such negative vibes are really not helpful for no-one and btw off topic…


Since an update to fix things on the FP3(+) is not available after more than one month, yet, I would say these “negative vibes” are on-topic…


True they are not helpful in resolving the issues with the phone, however the forum is here not to help the phones but the people.

In that function, as @DeepSea has noted, it is not really off topic.

OH! and my own take is that they are not negative, unless you want to dramatise a polarised mentality. They are just ways of expressing how upset people are, and I have a problem if people can’t express themselves no matter how disturbed it makes me feel, as I’m sure that was the intent.

I have noted such issues that appear off topic can be called (meta discussions on) how people’s expectations relate to flaky products.

All so human.

Good job this forum is not moderated by a robot or it would have censored me multiple times for my input.


I was very skeptical, but now I start to have faith in Fairphone. The issues with this latest update are “just” 2. One is only with a German telecom provider and the other is the auto brightness feature. Sure, that auto brightness feature is broken and should’ve been found before releasing. And if Fairphone had a beta tester community, then the German telecom provider issue (unknown caller ID) was maybe picked up before release as well.

It’s not that bad. And waiting for the next security release is actually impressive if they can really do that. Implement a new release + fix old bugs + test functionality in one month with their company size? I think we’re good. (Of course if they release within 2 weeks, otherwise it indeed becomes mehhh).


Vielleicht für Sie aber wenn Sie nicht wissen welcher Kunde angerufen hat, IST es schlimm.


True but I think @UPPERCASE was referring to the the company and not the user. :frowning:

This is where it all starts: No testers, they just take what they get from China.

No, they should take their latest release and fix the broken things only, Google will accept just that for certifying. Screw up in a moment but fix it a month later? Come on.

I would not bet on it…

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This doesn’t fit with your first assumption as if Fairphone are not doing the update it goes back to Taiwan not China by the way, so the whole update has be released I would imagine.

And again what’s this should business ?? Maybe Fairphone could do things differently but clearly they don’t have the abilities.

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I logged this bug a while ago with support in fact over a year I’m on Three’s network and they’ve not bothered to patch it yet (very sad), a lot of people are suffering this bug. Its linked to the “Enhanced LTE Mode” feature being enabled. If you disable it you’ll able to see who is calling but the 4G connection lag is excruciating.

Contacting the mobile network is pointless by the way I’ve already tried that they just blame the phone.

How do you know?

You’re not into software development, are you? They are not waiting until the last day, to start with software development. The next version is already processed, when the last on is released. Going back doesn’t make any sense. You need to implement the fixes in the next release.

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Not sure which part of business you do not understand? I give money and want something in return. Therefore the term “should” is appropriate, considering that it is the light version of “have to”.

The auto brightness issue would have occured within one week. And testers usually get informed on what to test specifically due to recent changes in this or that unit.

Never heard of milestones? Changes can be reverted and applied again later…

It’s not an issue on my phone for example, the algorithm learnt quite quickly.

If you are Google or Apple with more employees than Fairphone has customers.

That has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is not that one single developer removes line by line of a code snippet carefully. And you do not need dozens of developers to maintain a ROM…

OFF Topic

My view of business is a contract, but ‘having to’ or ‘should’ are not a part of that, well not in the UK.

The idea is that the vendor will do their best to fulfil their part of the contract, and can be held accountable if they do not.

What contract do you have with Fairphone that they have not fulfilled would be more to the point?

There is often an expressed notion that one person should tell another what to do, that’s not business that an attempt to apply authoritarian pressure.

You want authority then the courts will weight what is reasonable, they may then use the word ‘should’ though I doubt it, but the courts do have the authority to enforce their will