Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

Downloaded and installed on an FB3+, so far so good.

The fixed issue was specific to Vodafone Germany. If you didn’t contact support already, please do so, so that they are aware.

Might be worth to contact your provider to ask whether they can (re-)set this on their side.


Oh no, after a recent update finally fixed the brightness level so that the dimmest setting was actually dim, it looks like this new update undid that, and now movig the brightness slide all the way to the left still gives a pretty bright light like it did from the beginning of FP3 :frowning:

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Brightness issue seems to be fixed with 8901.3.A.0132.20211027

This change was buggy, and a lot of users had problems with screens automatically set to black.

That’s what was announced the update would do to roll back the buggy change. Further work is being done on this.


Thanks! I didn’t realise that’s what they were doing. I wish they gave that bit of information that you’ve quoted in the OP here as well. I might have decided skip this update, as I find this brightness level really problematic :confused:

But at least I know a fix is coming! :slight_smile:


No, it was a typo*, sorry! :smiley:

Should be FP3, and will now edit it. Apologies for the mix-up :slight_smile:

[*or was it a Freudian slip? Is my subconscious telling me I want a FP4?? :stuck_out_tongue: ]


I have also still the unknown caller issue while being on build number 8901.3.A.0132.20211027 (Tele2 NL). It was mentioned in 🇳🇱 Contacten bellen als onbekend [2021]. So I thought they already knew about this problem, although I must confess I didn’t think about contacting support about it myself.

Well that must be the enhancement they mentioned in the release notes above… :open_mouth: just kidding. Soo… Netherland has to sit for another two months now till it gets resolved?

Am I the only one who isnt satisfied with the minimum brightness option?

I feel the last update resolved this by adding in a new darker setting, however the adaptive display function wasn’t adjusted to work with this, hence everyone’s screens going dark really easily. I switched to manual mode and it was acceptable - finally I could use my phone in the dark and not have my eyes blinded.

Now this recent update has “fixed” the adaptive issue by seemingly reverting the change and removing the minimum brightness level.

At 0% I’m back to my eyes aching while using my phone at night.

I really wish this was resolved another way, or at least included in the update notes so I could have just ignored the update.

Please give back the darker minimum brightness option and please also adjust your adaptive brightness function to work with it. It’s been fine on every other Android phone I’ve used.

I’ll happily help test it out.


I have the same “issue” but I’ve never experienced the “unknown caller number” (Vodafone Italy). :slight_smile:

Not seemingly.


If you plough through the very long threads on this subject you’ll find others, including myself, in favour of a proper (much lower) minimum brightness value, this time associated with a revised table of settings for the adaptive brightness, so that, for example, what used to be 0% would be replaced by 30%. Example discussion:

Changing the table settings would avoid the adaptive brightness “bug” that the majority of people have been complaining about since 5th August.


Ah, my bad. I did read through a lot of the posts but there were many so I skimmed a little.

Thanks for pointing that out, at least I know it’s being worked on ^^


I skimmed through the replies and missed all the ones important to my question, but thank you for the clarification. I’ll eagerly await the next update in a few months ^^


Why is my phone still running build 3.A.0101.20210420?
How could I manually download and install an update?

Hi Alessandro,
Which is your network operator? It’s normally their business to push it out to you once they’ve approved it.

Just to be sure, check by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update

Download links here

It’s a nuisance not being able to perform an update without relying on a third party that evidently does not care.

In the Settings > System > Advanced menu I only have:

  1. Reset options
  2. Multiple users
  3. Developer options

No System update entry.

Strange. Should be just after Developer options.
I updated my previous post with a link to the changelog wiki.