Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

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By the way Rae is not a comon user of the forum and is only contacted in extreme case maybe where there has been no response to a support ticket, with nunber.

You are not really addressing Rae’s post and maybe not even an Andoird 11 issue :slight_smile:

Your Problem seems like a settings issue.
Settings > Display > Wallpaper > Select image > Click on Set wallpaper > Then select one of three options

  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Home screen and lock screen

I confirm this, except that from what I saw, this is was not possible on my device before I installed Simple Gallery Simple Gallery Pro | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

I have two FP3+s

One with Simple Gallery, the other is a default Android 11 with Google Photos as I was doing beta testing and can confirm the same options exist without Simple Gallery

Ok, my bad. Thank you for the info.
Actually it is most likely that I had disable Google photo when I noticed that this option was missing. Maybe you need to have Google photo or Simple Gallery (or any other gallery app?).

I assume thats the same issue

A bit easier: long press on the wallpaper and then select an image and one of the three options. @KevinC for this way I guess a Gallery should not be required of you want to test?

Third Option: select the picture in the gallery and set as and select on of the three options.

For me all 3 Options work using Simple Gallerie and stock launcher. In the past there was a bug on the FP2 and I think probably also FP3 that some combinations of Gallery and Launcher did not work properly and indeed it was not possible to choose different wallpaper for lock and home screen…

I got the update a week ago. I didn’t reset anything after. With the exception of the removed (by Google) workaround for 5GHz WiFi problems it’s been 100% hassle-free for me. Even better, it has solved a long-standing Bluetooth problem where Bluetooth would be off after a reboot or plane mode and would refuse to turn on several times. It just works now. Also, my impression is that battery life is a bit better than with Android 10.

On the more negative side, they seem to have given up on lowering the minimum screen brightness. After the botched attempt and revert last August @rae wrote that they’d re-introduce it soon, but that plan seems to now share the fate of the camera software improvements that were supposedly just around the corner back in September 2020.

Regarding WiFi, I had the expected disconnects as soon as my FritzBox selected a channel of 106 or above – with which none of the 9 non-Fairphone devices using 5GHz WiFi in our house ever had any issue. I’ve now fixed my FritzBox to channel 52 and will just have to live with unstable WiFi when I’m connected to someone else’s FritzBox. Oh well.


I wouldn’t despair just yet. The screen brightness thing is quite complex and might be dealt with now that the main job is done.


It’s an important thing to me too… I hope you’re right! :crossed_fingers:

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Hello everyone, unfortunately since the Android 11 update I encounter the problem, that VPN connections are not working anymore.
Neither PPTP nor IPSec PSK. Neither from mobile data nor from external WiFis.
I did not change anything on the VPN server and the connection still works from other devices :frowning:
I hope, you can help me.

Same here. I have an IPSec connection that always worked with Android 10, when I try now it just says “unsuccessful” (actually, “nicht erfolgreich”).

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@uodalricus also:
I think you folks should prepare for a factory reset so make sure your backups are up to date.

For those interested, a good starting point:

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last night i updated my one to 11 and it is missing screen recording
is there a fix or a way to force it to work

I’ve moved your post here as the missing screen recording was already mentioned in this topic. AFAIK there’s unfortunately no solution yet.

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I downloaded Firefox and it was fine in that. Is there something I need to do in Chrome to reset?

You might try:
Settings / Apps and notifications / App info / Chrome / Storage and cache / Clear cache

Yes, I tried that. It didn’t work.

Thanks for your reply & first of all thanks for the tip with the Wallpaper App!

All 3 options to set a wallpaper are known to me. However, with none of them I’m getting the (3) options where to set it → background, wallpaper, both. It’s default on both. So a bug maybe?

Maybe you could provide an image of the screen where you can’t get the 3 options.

The option doesn’t arise with the 3 options to choose which image to set ~ only after you have a) selected the image b) tapped the tick to confim > then you get the options

Had the same problem, but with FP4, this worked for me!

Here I tap to confirm and it immediatly sets on wallpaper as well as background