Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

Well, I guess it’s better not to talk about something, but doing it right, than the other way :wink:.


Hi, the update is available for me. My provider is Vodafone Germany.
But now the very interesting thing:
I haven´t installed the update, but since today, i can see the caller ID.
Today in the evening i received a phonecall and i was really surprised that i could see who is
calling. So i took a look in the Forum…and i saw : the update is here…but i really haven’t installed it.
This is really spooky, what do you think

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1-2 weeks ago others had a few calls where they could see the number, but just shortly and the assumption was, that probably at this moment the FP3 was logged in the 2g Network not 4G, because of coverage?

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Got it in the Netherlands. No issues so far. (FP 3+)

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Apparently, by fixing the adaptive brightness dropping to zero, the minimal brightness setting was made brighter (again)! I can’t lower the brightness of the screen backlight as low as I could before the update - I’d like the lower backlight back, please :frowning:


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Yes, what you are describing is what Fairphone said, it would happen with this update:


Thanks for the link! Too bad that it wasn’t really specified in the patch notes for this particular update (only a fix for adaptive brightness dropping to zero was mentioned, not reversing the minimal backlight brightness) or else I would have skipped this update.

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I understand, but skipping security updates is never a good idea, even if it helps with a different issue.


Here just installed the update. Vodaphone Netherlands.

I guess that’s not true because everyone was affected by brightness issue. Anyway, nice they have fixed it, that months were a pain.


I’ve installed the update and now there is always the alarm icon in the status bar.
I didn’t set any alarm but there is one showed in the notification bar, the alarm time changes every two/three minutes!
I attach two screenshots
Is anybody having the same problem?

Edit: I’m quite sure it’s an app bug, not fp

Cant confirm this bug

I really wish „early November“ would come soon. Unknown calls and vanishing brightness is making me mad. I honestly think about a new mobile, although I really like the fairphone idea.

Yesterday, I had an Update, but brightness is same :cry:

Edit. Several new starts later, no ideas left but switch „automatic brightness“ off and on again.
Miracle occours: Seems to be ok now :flushed:


Hi Key and welcome to the community and our forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Which update did you receive and which operator network do you use? As I expect you’ve seen above in this thread, 3.A.0132 was officially announced yesterday and is rolling out on the different networks, some may be delayed a little.

For the brightness problem I recommend you turn off Adaptive brightness:
Settings > Display > Adaptive brightness.
Remember: whether Adaptive brightness is on or off, you can adjust the brightness at any time manually by swiping down from the top twice to see the slider.


Hi and thanks for your kind answer, I just tried the thing and edited :laughing:


Hi everyone,

When reporting about updates I suggest that we systematically indicate which version we’ve just installed. I know of at least two for FP3 recently in circulation, 3.A.0130 that was never officially announced in this forum and which reached some French users, and 3.A.0132 officially announced by this thread. There may be others!

Thanks for helping to keep things clear! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good!
I hope the “unknown caller” problem is fixed for you too.

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Well, if this update only fixes the bugs mentioned in its notes (why wasn’t the backlight mentioned? :sweat:), I see no security problem by skipping it. I’m using my phone in an unlit room and would really love to lower the backlight waaay down again like before.

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The brightness level change is mentioned and the update to Security Patch Level: 5th of November, 2021 also.


Well, if you want to skip Android security updates too…